Magic DVD Ripper vs Pavtube DVDAid, choose one?

John Salley

Aug 07, 2017 08:23 am / Posted by John Salley to Comparison

Watching DVD movie is happy, can’t play DVD movie is sad. Now, more and more DVD movies fans own one powerful DVD ripper which can provide you the best solution to play DVD movies smoothly. With more and more DVD issue, you can find various DVD ripper software in the market which all claim to be your best DVD assistant. Have you spent much time on looking for an excellent DVD ripper software and it let you down? Are you struggled to find the DVD ripper? This post show you 2 powerful DVD ripper comparison: Magic DVD Ripper vs Pavtube DVDAid, help you to select one as your loved DVD ripper.

Magic DVD Ripper and Pavtube DVDAid Overview

Magic DVD Ripper ( Free and Buy: 39.95): Magic DVD Ripper is convenient and powerful DVD ripping software, which can rip/convert DVD to different video formats, like: VCD, SVCD, AVI, WMV, MP3, MPEG2, MP4, etc, You can enjoy the DVD movie on various devices: iPod, iPad, PSP, PS3 or smartphone etc. With this DVD ripper, you can enjoy DVD movies anytime and anywhere without inserting DVDs or burn them to blank DVD or CD using burning software.

Pavtube DVDAid (Free and Buy: $28): Pavtube DVDAid provides the best solution to enjoy the DVD movie, you can rip and backup DVD effortlessly, 250+ video formats are waiting for you to choose, including: MP4, MKV, MOV, AVI, WMV, MP3, AAC, etc, surprisingly it adds H.265/HEVC as output video format in order to satisfy users who ask for high video quality. At the same time, even you don’t know the video format, you can choose the devices you want to play DVD movie on, like: iPad, iPhone 8, iPod, PS4, Xbox one, etc. Better information you can download it and try.

magic dvd ripper vs dvdaid

Comparison 1: Which is More Compatible for Computer?

DVD Ripper Supported OS Hard Disc Space GPU Acceleration Optical Drive
Magic DVD Ripper

Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10\Mac OS 10.6 or Higher

512 MB of RAM No DVD-ROM
Pavtube DVDAid

Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows /Windows 10/macOS Sierra, Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan, etc.

512 MB of RAM or above Yes DVD-ROM

From the table, we can know that Pavtube DVDAid can work on Windows and Mac better, it can support almost any Windows and Mac OS, best of all, you can eXperience the fast running speed because DVDAid takes full use of the GPU acceleration, you can save muCh time and energy.

Comparison 2: Which Can Remove DVD Copy Protection?

DVD Ripper Region Code RCE key2Audio CSS Macrovision PuppetLoc Sony ARccOS UOP
Magic DVD Ripper Yes Yes No Yes No Yes Yes No
Pavtube DVDAid Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

When you insert the DVD to the DVD player, waiting for the result, nothing happens, DVD disc is good, DVD player is good, finally, the DVD protection is real murder which affect you to watch the DVD movies happily. Above table, we can easily find that Pavtube DVDAid can remove more DVD protection and provide better DVD playback.

Comparison 3: Which is Stronger on DVD Movie Input?

DVD Ripper DVD disc DVD ISO DVD IFO DVD Folder
Magic DVD Ripper Yes No No No
Pavtube DVDAid Yes Yes Yes Yes

Multiple DVD input can bring better DVD movie enjoyment, at this point, Pavtube DVDAid does better which can support various DVD movies, you can import the DVD disc, DVD disc image and DVD folder to it.

Comparison 4: Which is More Powerful on Copying or Remuxing DVD?

DVD Ripper Full Disc Copy Main Movie Copy Digital Copy Remux DVD
Magic DVD Ripper Yes Yes Yes No
Pavtube DVDAid Yes Yes Yes Yes

Copy DVD is common, you can copy full DVD disc with the original DVD structure, copy DVD main title which won’t affect you to enjoy the DVD content, you also can choose to get digital DVD movie for smaller video size and better storage way. Magic DVD Ripper and Pavtube DVDAid both can provides these 3 copy modes. Another popular way is to remux DVD movie, only Pavtube DVDAid can realize this goal.

Comparison 5: Which Can Provide the Best DVD Output Service?

DVD Ripper-Round 1 Output Different Video Files
Common Video HD Video 4K Video 3D Video
Magic DVD Ripper Yes Yes No No
Pavtube DVDAid Yes Yes Yes Yes
DVD Ripper-Round 2 Output Device Preset
Android Devices Apple Devices TVS Game Console
Magic DVD Ripper Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pavtube DVDAid Yes Yes Yes Yes

Magic DVD Ripper and Pavtube DVDAid both can output common video files from DVD movie, also can provide the devices preset, however, on 4K video and 3D video, obviously, Magic DVD Ripper is a little poor, you can’t get the high 4K video and amazing 3D video, by contrast, DVDAid can do these better, you can get them effortlessly. At the same time, you can get your desired video format from 250+ video formats.

Comparison 6: More Advanced Features-Which is Better?

DVD Ripper DVD Movie Setting DVD Movie Editing
Video codec Video frame Video bitrate Resolution Audio Channels Video Volume Add subtitle Video Background Add music Aspect Ratio
Magic DVD Ripper Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No No No No
Pavtube DVDAid Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

From the table, weheyou want to edit the video for better visual effect or you want to upload the video to video share websites, etc, DVDAid can satisfy you, you can adjust the video related parameters for better uploading, you also can dress up the video by your own need.

Friendly Suggestion: No doubt, Pavtube DVDAid is the final championship which is easy to install, works on Windows and Mac well, you can import any DVD movie to it: DVD disc, DVD image, etc. When you want to get another DVd disc, you can copy fill DVD disc ot DVD main title, if you want to keep the DVD movie forever, you can choose to get digital DVD movie. Share DVD movie on Youtube, Facebook is another way to enjoy DVD, you can adjust them for the best uploading, or edit the video for attracting more views. Have you made the final decision? Hope this post can be helpful for you.