One Best Software Pavtube Apps Brighten Your Personal Entertainment Life Fri, 23 Jun 2017 06:58:55 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Get the Best Free Mac DVD to MP4 Converter Fri, 23 Jun 2017 06:56:13 +0000 Most DVD users know a lot of benefits to rip, backup DVD to MP4, for example: You can get rid of the DVD players and DVD disc, you can play DVD on any other devices with MP4 video format, you also can take the video to iPad, iPhine, etc, share DVD movie with friends, upload to Yoututbe, etc. Know the way is the first step, finding the best free Mac DVD to MP4 Converter is the most important. We all know the Handbrake is a famous DVD Ripper, however, Handbrake can’t remove the DVD protection, especially the latest DVD protection. You need to find a Handbrake partner: Free DVDAid which can remove most any DVD protection.

Best Free Mac DVD to MP4 Converters:Free DVDAid + Handbrake

Why recommend the Free DVDAid for Mac as Handbrake partner? First, this software is free and an excellent DVD Ripper, you can get a perfect DVD movie without CSS, RC, RCE, APS protection. In addition, this DVD Ripper not only can support DVD disc, Also allows users to load DVD ISO, IFO files, DVD folder. You can convert DVD to MKV, AVI, MOV, etc 70+ video and audio formats. However so excellent software can’t output MP4 video, Free DVDAid + Handbrake will be the most powerful and free Mac DVD to MP4 Converters. Following will show you how to take full use of them.

free dvd ripper free dvd ripper download

Amazing Steps to Convert DVD to MP4 Video

Step 1. Load DVD disc by clicking File > Load from disc, also you can drag the DVD to the left window.

Step 2. Rip and backup DVD to other video formats by clicking Format, you can choose any video formats, such as: VOB, MKV, AVI, etc.

Step 3. Click Browse to choose the output video save location, then press Convert to start to rip and backup DVD process

open free dvd ripper

Step 4. After you get the Converted DVD files, open Handbrake and load the video files by selecting “Open Source” 

Step 5. After you’ve loaded the video click Browse and select the output file. You should choose mp4 in the output settings, then click the Video tab and move to the next step.

Step 6. Click the Start button to begin the process. Watch progress on the bottom of the screen. “Encode finished” indicates that your file is ready

free dvd to mp4 converter

Best DVD to MP4 Converter: Bytecopy > Free DVDAid + Handbrake

You need to download 2 softwares and operate 6 steps to rip and convert DVD to MP4 video, to be honest, it’s a little tedious. Some user even find a add-on-tool: Install Handbrake libdvdcss to rip DVD. It’s still not the best option. We all like the simpleness, if you can find a powerful tool which can remove the DVD protection, at the same time output MP4 video, that’s so cool. Give you joy, Bytecopy for Mac is the DVD to MP4 Converter you are struggled to search. Want to know Bytecopy true
appearance? Following are the main features you will be interested in. Know More!

  • Free? Yes, you can download the Trial version which is free. Also the clean and safe interface will draw your eyes.
  • Do you want to choose your desired subtitles from DVD disc? This software allows you to choose any subtitles, even you can keep the forced subtitles.
  • Compared with Handbrake, Bytecopy support the magic video conversion speed. If you choose video with H.264 or H.265 codec, you will appreciate the GPU acceleration.
  • This best DVD to MP4 ripper, not only can remove DVD protection, output MP4 video, you also can choose various MP4 video, such as: SD MP4, HD MP4, 4K MP4, 3D MP4, etc. Best of all, 250+ video formats are listed here.

free dvd to mp4 converter download dvd to mp4 converter

Quick Guide: Convert DVD to MP4 in 3 clicks

Step 1. Load DVD disc by clicking File > Load from disc, you can also input DVD disc image, DVD folder, even any Blu-ray sources are supported too.

Step 2. Click Format to choose the MP4 video, you can choose MP4 from Common Video, or choose H.264 MP4 from HD Video, even you can choose 3D MP4 from 3D Video.

Step 3. Press Convert button to start DVD to MP4 video conversion, when you are waiting for the result, you can watch the video at the preview window.

dvd to mp4 converter

I believe you have made the final decision, no doubt, Bytecopy is the best choice.Just enjoy the DVD to MP4 video conversion.

How to Choose a MPG to MP4 Converter? Wed, 21 Jun 2017 09:39:27 +0000 Whatever you get one or 10+ MPG video files which is one of a number of file extensions for MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 audio and video compression, I believe you will meet many troubles on playing MPG video, editing MPG video, sharing MPG video. Why? this video is not too famous, of course, there not too many media players, devices, NLE software can support MPG. By contrast, MP4 video is the super star, which can be supported by most player. Since it is so, what are you waiting for? Finding a reliable MPG to MP4 Converter and save the poor MPG video. If you don’t know how to choose a MPG to MP4 Converter, follwoing will show you one of the best MPG to MP4 Converter, you also can refer to it’s features to find your desired software.

Pavtube Video Converter is just the best MPG to MP4 Converter you are struggled to search which holds many precious features. This software is easy to use, interface is clean, safe. Installation and operations steps are simple. Fast video loading and conversion speed attracts many users. Can’t wait to lift the veil and know more about this excellent MPG to MP4 Converter? Click the following labels and read the content you want to know best.

Best MPG to MP4 Converter Outstanding Features

high qualityHigh Output Quality

This software can provide the 100% and lossless video quality, you don’t worry about the output video quality. Also, you can decide the output video quality by yourself, you can adjust the video parameters, like the video resolution, you can set the video resolution to 720P for SD, 1080p for HD, 3840p for 4K video, etc. your video is decided by you.

H.265 speed upSupport CPU Acceleration

Good news, if you choose the MP4 video with H.264 or H.265 codec, you will experience the 30x faster speed than any other MPG to MP4 Converter on the market. Why is it so amazing? This software takes full use of the NVIDIA CUDA technology and AMD ® Accelerated Parallel Processing (APP), when you are transcoding, converting, remux MPG to MP4 video files by using H.264 or H.265 codec. The speed is fast.

batch video conversionBatch Video Conversion

Want to save more time and energy? You are lucky to be here, this MPG to MP4 Converter allows you to add a folder which holds many MPG video fiels. You can create a folder on your PC and add or drag the MPG files you want to convert, then import the folder to this software, you will see all the MPG files at the left window.

Best MPG to MP4 Converter Powerful Functions

Powerful Operating Compatibilty

For Windows users, you can download this MPG to MP4 Converter to Windows XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1, even the latest Windows 10. For Mac users, you can download this software to macOS Sierra, Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan, Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite, 10.9 Mavericks, 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.7 Lion, etc.

free mts video converter mts to ppt converter

Multiple Video Input

Users noy only can load MPG video, aslo can input 100+ video formats to this MPG to MP4 Converter, like: MKV, M2TS, MTS, AVCHD, H.264, AVI. FLV, AVC, etc. video input

Various MP4 Video Options

How many MP4 video do you know? Just convert MPG to MP4 video is not too clean, this software will show you all the MP4 video type, like: SD MP4, HD MP4, 4K MP4. 3D MP4, you can choose anyone you like. mp4 video formats

Convert MPG to MP4 for Different Portable Devices 

Everyone chooses different way to watch MP4 video, all the MP4 video player and devices are listed in tis software, you can choose iPhone, iPad, Games consoles, like: Xbox 360, TV, etc. mp4 to devices

A Built-in Video Editor

This software allows you to insert subtitles in SRT/ASS/SSA format to MP4 video, add text, image and video watermarks to MP4 video, in addition, you can Trim/Crop/Merge videos.

mp4 video editing

Quick Quide To Convert MPG to MP4 Video

Step 1: Load MPG video by clicking File > Add Video/Audio to this software, you also can import folder with multiple MPG video files.

Step 2: Click Format and choose your desired MP4 video from Common Video, HD Video, 3D Video, you also can choose the devices, like: iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, etc.

Step 3: Preee Convert buton to start MPG to MP4 Video conversion, just enjoy the best MPG to MP4 Converter.

mpg to mp4 video conversion

How to Use PowerDVD Copy to Copy DVD? Mon, 19 Jun 2017 07:37:28 +0000 Backup DVD is an old topic, most users, especially DVD beginners are searching the simple and reliable way to copy DVD for different goals, for example: Copy DVD for storage, for preventing DVD damaged, for sending to friends and so on. So important task, you need to use a reliable tool to help you. From the huge data collection and users feedback, PowerDVD Copy is popular amomg people which can make a duplicate DVD with high quality. PowerDVD is a easy-to-use DVD copying software, the DVD copy process is simple. Following will show you the comprehensive steps to copy DVD with PowerDVD.

Common Sense: Before you start to use PowerDVD Copy to copy DVD, you can know the copy DVD to another DVD principle, then you can use PowerDVD Copy software better. In fact, you will get the DVD disc image from original DVD by PowerDVD, then you will burn the DVD disc image to a balnk DVD disc, after this task, you have completed a complete DVD copy process.

Ready Work or Tools

A original DVD disc (You need to copy)

A blank DVD Disc (Which is recordable and writable)

PowerDVD Copy Software (Install on PC)

How to Use PowerDVD Copy to Make a Duplicate DVD

1. Insert the DVD you want to copy in your computer’s DVD drive.

2. Open the PowerDVD Copy software. Click the "Preferences" button, located in the top-left corner of the screen.

3. Click the "Audio Stream" tab. Uncheck languages you do not want to include on your DVD. Remove as many languages as possible to save DVD space and reduce copy time.

4. Click the "Subtitles" tab. Select the subtitle languages you want on the DVD. If you don’t want to use subtitles, click "None."

5. Click the "Project" tab. Select a directory. PowerDVD Copy will use this directory to store temporary files. Click "OK."

copy dvd with powerdvd copy

NOTE: Until now, you have created a ISO image from the original DVD disc, next step is to burn the ISO image to a balnk DVD, if your PC only have one DVD drive, you can follow option A, if your PC have 2 DVD drives, you can follow option B.

Option A-One DVD Drive on PC

6. Click the "Destination" folder icon. Select a location on your hard drive. PowerDVD Copy will copy files from the original DVD to this location.

7. Remove the original DVD from the DVD drive. Insert a blank DVD.

8. Click the "Source" folder icon. Select the location of the original DVD files.

9. Click the "Destination" drop-down menu. Choose the drive containing the blank DVD.

10. Click "Copy." Remove the DVD when the program finishes copying.

copy dvd to dvd disc

Option B-Two DVD Drives on PC

6. Click the "Destination" folder icon. Select a location on your hard drive. PowerDVD Copy will copy files from the original DVD to this location.

7. Click the "Copy" button. When copying completes. If you want to save the DVD ISO image for next time usage, you can click "Yes" to save the temporary files.

copy dvd with powerdvd copy

Can’t Copy DVD with PowerDVD Copy?

Have you succeeded in copying DVD from PowerDVD Copy? Most users feedback that they can’t copy DVD smoothly, the PowerDVD Copy can’t make a DVD disc image, what’s happening? Need to update the PowerDVD or check the DVD drive? Actually, they have a little risk to cause this issue, most reason is the DVD CSS protection, which is an encryption and authentication mechanism designed to prevent copying video files directly from DVD-Video discs. DVD with CSS codes is not supported by PowerDVD Copy.

You can try ByteCopy which is a perfect PowerDVD Alternative, a professional DVD Ripper and copy software, this software can remove all the DVD protection, such as: CSS, Region Codes (1-6), Sony ARccOS, UOPs, etc. You can choose to backup entire DVD disc to a blank DVD disc, which can keep the whole DVD structure and all content. For smaller size, you also can choose to backup DVD main title which keep the DVD movie key content. In addition, you can get rid of the DVD disc forever, you can backup DVD to MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, etc main popular video formats. Can’t wait to try? Download link is ready.

free dvd copy software download dvd copy software

Quick Guide: Make Copies of DVDs by PowerDVD Copy Alternative

Step 1. Open PowerDVD Copy Alternative and Load DVD

Launch ByteCopy, click "Load from Disc" button to browse to disc drive for loading DVD disc.

Step 2. Choose the DVD copy type

1) You can click the  full disc copy icon on the top to choose to backup whole DVD disc.

2) You can click the Format and choose Copy, the select the Directly Copy. Which is the DVD main title copy way.

3) What’s more, you also can choose other video formats for other media player and devices, such as: MP4, H.264, AVI. WMV, etc.

directly copy disc

Step 3. Click Browse to save the output DVD files, then press the Convert to start to backup DVD disc.

Step 4. Copy DVD files to A blank DVD disc

After you get the DVD folder ot disc image, you can insert the blank DVD to PC, choose the converted DVD files and copy it to blank DVD disc.

TIP: You can choose DVD -R and DVD+R which are recordable and writable, you can use them like using the USB.

Which is the DVD Copy Software Championship?

  Pavtube ByteCopy PowerDVD Copy
Operating Platform
  Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10 Windows 7
Remove DVD Protection
DVD CSS support' unsupport
DVD Disney X Project DRM Support Unsupport
DVD Region Codes (1-6) Support Unsupport
DVD Loading Feature
Load DVD Disc support' CSS-protected can’t loaded
Load DVD ISO/IFO support' unsupport
Load DVD Folder support' unsupport
Loading DVD time Fast Good
Copy DVD Features
Copy DVD Disc Support Only copy unprotected DVD
Rip DVD to Audio support' unsupport
Convert DVD to Digital support' unsupport
Backup DVD Speed Fast Good
Choose DVD Subtitle support' unsupport
Final Decision best dvd copy software dvd copy software

From above comparison, we know the Bytecopy is better than PowerDVD Copy software which is the real powerful DVD copy assistant. Hope this guide will teach you to copy DVD with PowerDVD Copy or PowerDVD Copy alternative.

Compressing a Video to PPT for Presentation Fri, 16 Jun 2017 06:44:44 +0000 For project presentation, no doubt, a perfect PPT is a forceful tool which can show your project goal, details and present your wonderful content. During the PPT presentation, smooth playback is important. We know PowerPoint can support music, text, pictures, video etc. Most presenters like to add video to PPT for more interesting and attractive. But video usually will cause some hidden risk, one is the huge and slow video loading on PPT. For a wonderful PPT presentation, compress video for PowerPoint presentation is necessary.

Theory for Compressing Video for PowerPoint

Usually, compressing a video is easy, but keep the video size smaller and compress video file size without losing quality is difficult. A video file size can be effected by different factors, such as: video codec, video resolution, video frame rats, video bitrate, audio codec, etc, you cna read the follwoing details about these parameters. They are the key when you are compressing video for PPT.

  • Codec – Different video and audio codec can occupy different size, also various video and audio codec usually will cause the codec compatibility issue.
  • Frame – Number of frames per second. Video frame will have a large impact on the size of video. Videos are typically shot in 24 or 30 frames per second. Higher frame will make the file large but higher quality.
  • Bitrate – This is the amount of data that each second of video uses. Typically, a constant bit rate stays the same throughout the video, which can lead to larger video files. A variable bit rate changes depending on the amount of action on the screen, which will lead to smaller files.
  • Resolution – This is the size of the outputted video. It is measured in pixels, width x height. Higher resolution will take much video size.

Powerful Video Compression Software for Compressing Video for PowerPoint

We have known above information, next is to adjust them for compressing video with a third video compression software, like: Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate which can support many video formats, like: H.265, H.264, MP4, AVI, MOV, etc, You also can add the video from website, like Youtube, from PC, from iPhone, etc, Then you can choose other video formats for compressing the video to PPT, in addition, you can adjust the video parameters for smaller video size.

Actually, you can’t import some videos to PPT, such as: H.265, MKV, FLV, Webm, MXF, etc. Don’t worry about the video compatibility, you can convert them to most PPT version supported video formats: MP4, WMV, AVI, ASF, etc. Best of all, you can create your own video by editing the video feature, you can add the subtitles to video, music to video, also you can change the video background color, brightness, etc. More information, you can read review.

trial buy

3 Solutions for Compressing Video for PowerPoint Presentation

Option A: Compress Video fot PPT by Convert Video Format

Form PPT official information, MPEG-4 and WMV are the most acceptable video format on PPT. MPEG-1 is a high compression ratio to deliver compact file size, lower data rate but a level of quality. WMV is a video compress format is originally designed for internet streaming applications and features tiny size and good quality. You can convert video to WMV or MPEG-4 for PPT, like this:

Step 1. Import Video Files (4K, HD, SD)

Open this video compression software, and drag the video to the window, also you can click "File" and import video, if you want to load many video files at the same time, you can add the video to a folder, then add the folder to this video compression software.

Step 2. Select Output Format

Click "Format" to open the output video formats, you have many different choice, but the best option is MPEG-1 and WMV, you can choose the video from "Common Video"

Step 3. Start to Compress Video

After the output video option is donn, click "Convert" to begin to compress video process.

chosoe ppt video format

Option B: Compress Video for PPT by Adjusting Video Parameters

Above information, we know different video parameters will also affect the video size, such as: Video frame, video resolution, video bitrate, etc. You can adjust these video parameters for reducing the video size, like this:

1. Open this video compressing software and import video, the atep is similar to above.

2. Click "Setting" button to open the video setting window, you can do the following steps to compress video for PPT.

  1. Select video format (codec): H.264 is the most widely used codec and is supported by different PPT version.
  2. Select audio format (codec): AAC is the best and acceptable audio codec by PowerPoint 2016, 2013, 2010, even lower PPT version.
  3. Select bit rate. For compressing video to SD video, bit rate is between 2,000-5,000 kbps. 720p video bit rate is between 5,000-10,000 kbps. If you want to compress 4K video to HD 1080p video, the video bit rate is between 10,000-20,000 kbps.
  4. Adjust resolution: Even lower video resolution can reduce the video size, but too low video resolution will affect the video playback, best option is set the 640*480 which can be supported by PoerPoint.
  5. Adjust frame rate: Usually the 30 frames per is the best selection, you can change the video frame from 60 FPS to 30 FPS.

3. Finally, click "Convert" to start to compress video.

compress video for ppt

Option C: Compress Video for PPT via Cutting Video

Most people will ignore the video length which affects the video size too. For PowerPoint presentation, a short and wonderful video playback is necessary, you can cut the video and get the best video clips for PPT. This video compression software allows user to cut the video in the video editing feature, like this:

1. Open this video compressing software and import video, the step is similar to above.

2. Click the pen icon at the top of main interface and to open the video editing window, Choose Trim, you can decide the video start and end time.

3. Click OK, the go back to the main interface, and press "Convert" to start to compress video.

cut video for ppt

Following TIPs May be Helpful for PPT Presentation

Add Video to PPT: After compressing video, you can save the video to your PC and add the video to PPT by following steps:

  1. In Normal view, click the slide that you want the video to be in.

  2. On the Insert tab, click the arrow under Video, and then click Video on My PC.

  3. In the Insert Video box, click the video that you want, and then click Insert.

add video to ppt

Play Video on PPT: Do you want to play the video automatically? if you prefer, you can make the video start automatically as soon as it appears onscreen:

  1. Select the video frame.

  2. On the PowerPoint ribbon, on the Video Tools Playback tab, open the Start list and choose Automatically

play video on ppt

Reduce PPT Size: Usually, we like to share the PPT with others or send the PPT to Boss, ot clients, small PPT file is easy to uploading and download, you can reduce the PPT size ad below:

1. In PowerPoint, head up to File > Info.

2. In the Media Size and Performance section, you’ll see a “Compress Media” option.

3. When you click on that, you’ll see three compression options:

  • Presentation Quality: If you want to shrink your media file size but not sacrifice much quality, then choose this option.
  • Internet Quality: This will shrink your files down a bit further, but the quality is degraded a little bit more. It’s still perfectly suitable for Internet streaming.
  • Low Quality: This will degrade the quality a little more, but it will make your file much smaller and easier to share with others.

compress media ppt

Hope above steps and tips can help you to make the PPT more perfect. Just enjoy the video compression software. Good luck to you.

Best MP4 Video Converter for Windows 10 Wed, 14 Jun 2017 09:38:48 +0000 Enjoy video is a nice thing, there are so many video formats in the world, such as: MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, MKV, etc. Some can be played on Windows 10, some can’t be supported by Windows 10 due to the video compatibility. That’s why so many media players on Windows 10. As a powerful video format , MP4 always holds the most customer which can be supported by most media player and devices. Most users like to convert video to MP4 by a MP4 video converter. A MP4 Video Coverter can take videos saved in unfamiliar or incompatible formats and converts them into MP4 easily.

Mention MP4 Video Converter, it’s really hard to find the best MP4 Video Converter. There are too many MP4 Video Converter softwares on the market, everyone claims they are the best, can convert any video to MP4 quickly and fast. On earch, how to define one software is the best MP4 Video Converter, in other words, when you are searching the best MP4 video converter, what features you should consider? Don’t be panic, following will tell you the best measurement and MP4 Video Converter.

How to Choose A Best MP4 Video Converter for Windows 10?

* No Operating System Compatibility Issue.

When we choose a video converter, fist consideration is the operating system compatibility, especially the latest Windows 10 version. Some users download the MP4 Video Converter package and finish the installation smoothly, finally, can’t open the software, even though the MP4 Video Converter icon is on your PC, because of the internal compatibility, you fail to get a new MP4 Video Converter.

*Multiple Video Input and Output Formats

A powerful MP4 Video Converter can hold different video formats, supports various video formats input and output, such as: MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, WebM, H.265, M2TS, MOD, TOD, etc.

*High Video and Audio Quality

Video Conversion sounds so easy, MP4 Video Converter are responsible for the complicated tasks and technology, you just need to wait for the result. After the exciting waiting, the video frames are fuzzy, some even are unwatchable. Worst of all, some free MP4 Video Converter loss the audio information, users only can see the video without music, like a pantomime.

* Friendly and Safe Interface or Clean Conversion Process

Everyone wants to have a MP4 Video Converter which bundles no adware, spyware, virus or other needless or malicious stuffs. When you are waiting the result, a sudden dialog box guide you to but some other productions or install other advertisements. So a user-friendly video converter is necessary.

Best MP4 Video Converter for Windows 10 Are Ready For You

In the following, we have found the best MP4 Video Converters for Windows 10 which can greatly satisfy above information. Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate(Review) is the most powerful program which can satisfy your all MP4 video need. As the best MP4 Video Converter, you can import any video formats, and choose any video formats as the the output video files. Following will tell you the reasons why this software stands out from the countless MP4 Video Converter.

20% OFF  Promo Code: 45K2D47GJH

best mp4 video converter

Key Features of the best MP4 Video Converter

  • Powerful operating system compatibility: Windows 2003/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1/Windows 10.
  • A large number of file formats are accepted by this package: MP4, MOV, MKV, MXF, TiVo, JPEG, BMP, etc. Even Blu-ray, DVD are supported by this software.
  • Various MP4 formats are waiting for you to choose, you can find SD MP4, HD MP4, 4K MP4, 3D MP4 and so on.
  • Want to experience the high conversion speed? This MP4 Video Conevretr Fully optimized for the NVIDIA CUDA technology and AMD ® Accelerated Parallel Processing (APP), 30x video conversion speed.
  • The best MP4 Video Converter allows user to edit the video, including: trim video length, crop video size, split large video into segments, add watermarks, adjust video effect.

Comprehensive Guide: Using the Best MP4 Video Converter on Wondows 10

Method 1. Guide to Convert Video to MP4

load 4K VIDEO
Step 1: Import Any Video

You can load or import any video to this software by clicking "File" and choose "Add Video/Audio", also you can drag the video to it. In addition, you can load the DVD and Blu-ray disc.

video to mp4
Step 2: Choose MP4 as output video formats

Click "Format" to open output video formats, you can choose common MP4 video from "Common Video", or choose HD MP4 video from "HD Video", even you can choose 3D MP4 from “3D Video”.

Step 3: Start video to MP4 conversion

Go back to the main interface and click "Convert" to carry out the video to MP4 video conversion.

Method 2. Guide to Convert MP4 to Video

load 4K VIDEO
Step 1: Import MP4Video

Clicking "File" and choose "Add Video/Audio" to add MP4 video to this software, also you can drag the video to it.

mp4 to video
Step 2: Choose output video formats

Click "Format" to open output video formats, 250+ video formats are waiting for you, you can choose any one, such as: MKV AVI, MOV, H.265, etc. You can choose 3D video too. More than 200 formats are listed under Format pane for you.

Step 3: Start MP4 to video conversion

Go back to the main interface and click "Convert" to carry out the MP4 to video conversion.

Friendly Suggestion: If you want to get free MP4 Video Converetr, you can try Free Video DVD Converter Ultimate which is free and powerful. Comparing with above best MP4 Video Converter, you can’t convert any video to MP4, but if you choose other video formats, this software can be your best video assistant.

Choppy 4K video playback in VLC on Mac? Mon, 12 Jun 2017 06:45:34 +0000 Choppy 4K video Playback in VLC Media Player on Mac?

VLC does a remarkable job on playing video, best of all, the popular 4K video is also supported by VLC. However, 4K video playback is not as easy as HD video, most users complain the choppy 4K video on VLC, for example: When users are attempting to play back full 4K movies in VLC media player, but when open and play the files, they are extremely choppy, sometimes, it’s completely unwatchable. Have you found the way to fix the 4K lag issue on VLC? If not, you can refer to the below solutions and have a try.

Solutions for Fixing Choppy 4K Video Playback in VLC

Solution 1: Enabling the GPU Accelerated Decoding Feature in VLC

As known to all, 4K video playback on VLC has strict requirements on the computer’s processor and graphics chip. Even your VLC can play 4K video, but you need to consider the the immense processing power. VLC can provide users the GPU acceleration setting, in other words, you can enable the GPU accelerated decoding feature in VLC, because you can take full use of the processing power of the graphic card to lighten the load on the processor of the system. You can follow these step:

1. Open VLC and click on Tools >Preferences or press Ctrl-P to open the settings on Mac. Then click on Input &Codecs on the left sidebar and check the Use GPU accelerated decoding box.

VLC 4k hardware accelerated decoding setting

2. If you are using the “all” interface, you can select Input/Codecs >Video Codecs >FFmpeg >Hardware decoding to set the VLC GPU acceleration.

vlc gpu accelaration

After the setting is done, you can restart the VLC again, and import 4K video and play on VLC. At most condition, you can enjoy the smooth 4k video on VLC

Solution 2: Downscale 4K video for VLC Playback

Some users can solve the 4K lagging on VLC by enabling the GPU accelerated decoding in VLC, but some users feedback that Turn on HW acceleration, VLC crashes. So terrible! According to VLC’s GPU decoding page, VLC only can support H.264 streams. In addition, as the data is decoded in the GPU at the decoding stage and then transferred back to the player so that the other stages, filtering and streaming for instance, can be processed, this process can under under circumstances be slower than without gpu acceleration enabled.

Is there any way to fix this trouble? Compared with 4K video on VLC, HD video is a better choice, also you can find there is not much difference between 4K and HD on VLC. Pavtube iMedia Converter can solve 4K video lagging on VLC, you can download the Trial version which is free, also if you are a Windows user, you also can choose the Windows version. This 4K to VLC Converter can compress 4K to 1080p video with much quality loss, you don’t worry about the video playback.

At the same time, you can input any 4K video in any video formats, such as: 4K H.264, 4K MP4 , 4K MOV, 4K AVI, 4K WMV, etc. This software provide you the HD video profile, you can choose any HD video formats you like. like: MP4, MOV, AVI, etc. By the way, If you have the 4K Blu-ray movie, you can enjoy the Blu-ray dsic on VLC with this software. More information, you can read this review, following will help you to master this video converter quickly.

4k to vlc converter buy

Best Way to Solve 4K Lagging on VLC: 4K to 1080P

Step 1. Load 4K Video

Download and install the video converter on your Mac. Launch it and click “File” to import the 4K video. If you want to save much time and energy, you can add a folder and put multiple 4K videos into it, then choose “Load from folder”, This software allows you to do batch video conversion.

load video

Step 2. Choose 4K to VLC acceptable video format.

Click “Format”, from its drop-down option, there are many category, you can choose one video formats from them, for example: Choose “H.264 HD Video (*.mp4)” from “HD Video” main category. You also can choose: MOV, AVI, MP4 from “Common Video”.


Tips:  If you choose the video format from "Common Video" instead the "HD Video", how to make sure the output video is HD video? You can click “Setting” button to adjust the video video resolution from 3840*2160. to 1080P. You can find other video and audio parameters, you can adjust them for better playback on VLC.

Adjust output profile parameters

Step 3. Carry 4K to VLC Conversion.

After other setting is finished, go back to the main interface and hit right-bottom “Convert” button to start the 4K video to VLC compatible video conversion : 4K to 1080p video. Thi time is short, wait for a while, you can get your desired video.

Finally, you can import the 4K video to VLC: Open VLC Media Player on Mac——>Click “Browse” and choose the videos——>Click “Open” to play the converted 4K video on VLC. You won’t meet the 4K choppy playback on VLC any more, it’s fluid.

Best CyberLink Power2Go Alternatives Fri, 09 Jun 2017 09:49:40 +0000 There are many softwares for DVD and Blu-ray disc burning, CyberLink Power2Go is popular among people which is reliable and approachable. User can realize all kinds of disc tasks in it. For example: Burn CD, DVD disc on it, create DVD disc, convert DVD to other video formats, etc. Even though CyberLink Power2Go can provide various handy utilities, some old users complain CyberLink Power2Go falws and are struggled to find CyberLink Power2Go Alternatives for better DVD serve.

To some CyberLink Power2Go beginners, Power2Go’s  installer is a larger download than most other CyberLink Power2Go Alternatives, at 442MB. In addition, Power2Go can’t create menus for Blu-ray disc projects, for most users who have a lot of HD content, this is a deal-killer. Worst of all, Power2Go is a little limited in supported video formats and doesn’t support video conversion. For these reasons, CyberLink Power2Go is not the first option, more and more CyberLink Power2Go Alternatives are coming, following will show you some reliable softwares, hope you can find your desired CyberLink Power2Go alternative.

Are You Searching for These CyberLink Power2Go Alternatives?

#CyberLink Power2Go Alternative 1-iFastime Video Converter Ultimate

When you are not satisfied with CyberLink Power2Go functions, you can take the chance to try  iFastime Video Converter Ultimate which can help you toremove the DVD protection easily, at the same time, you can enjoy the multiple DVD backup features, here, you can backup DVD with 1:1, best of all, at the video formats, this software is better than CyberLink Power2Go, you can convert DVD to other main popular video formats, such as: AVI, WMV, MP4, MOV, etc. More surprise: you can get free 3D video from common DVD which can help you to save much money on 3D movies.

CyberLink Power2Go Alternative

#CyberLink Power2Go Alternative 2-Leawo DVD Creator

Want to create your own desired DVD? Leawo DVD Creator is a perfect DVD assistant, from it’s name, you can know this CyberLink Power2Go Alternative is a professional DVD creator which has preset 40+ disc menu and template models for your DVD burning, you can create DVD-5/DVD-9 disc, folder or ISO image files from any other videos. like: AVI, MKV, MP4, MPG, MPEG, FLV, 3GP. Good news, you also can edit the video to your desired video effects. Just enjoy the magic DVD creation time.

CyberLink Power2Go Alternative

#CyberLink Power2Go Alternative 3-AnyBurn

Anyburn is a perfect DVD, CD burning which is whole free. You can burn all CD / DVD / Blu-ray disc image files, create image files from hard disk files or CD / DVD / BD discs, you also can burn files and folders to CD, DVD, or Blu-ray disc from your PC, external hard drive, etc. When you choose this CyberLink Power2Go alternative, your PC memory is 64MB at least, in addition, Mac user will miss it, this software only can support Windows operating system, including the Windows 10.

CyberLink Power2Go Alternative

Have you Found the Best CyberLink Power2Go Alternative?

Above software are all excellent, which one is the best CyberLink Power2Go alternative? Make the final decision is really not so easy. If you know Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate, you won’t pause and ponder, this software can be the true CyberLink Power2Go alternative hero which can remove Blu-ray and DVD encryptions, such as: CSS, AACS, BD+, Region Codes, UOPs, etc. Then you can import DVD and Blu-ray disc, ISO files, disc folder into it. Next what can you do? You can backup DVD wieh 1:1 or copy whole DVD movie, want to get smaller video size? Convert DVD to digital video formats is a wise choice, like: H.265/HEVC, H.264/MPEG4, MP4, MKV, etc. That’s all? Of course not, you even can decide the video effects by yourself. So cool.

load video

If the powerful DVD copy and converter software can combine with a perfect DVD creator, then you can have the best DVD suits. Which CyberLink Power2Go alternative can take on the important role? No doubt, DVD Creator is the championship which allows you to create DVD from any video formats, like: TP, MTS, AVI, MP4, MPEG, 3GP, WMV and so on. At the same time, you also can burn playable DVD from DVD folder and ISO image within a few clicks. What’s more, excellent video editing feature will make you love this tool completely, you can edit video by trimming, cropping, adding watermark, setting effect, adjusting volume, and replacing audio. etc.

load vob

Considering the function and price, Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate + DVD Creator is the strongest combination which can satisfy your every DVD and video need, No any video formats limitation, No any DVD protection hinder, No any operating compatibility issue.

Can’t wait to download the best CyberLink Power2Go Alternative? You can Download the Trial version which is free, there is watermark in video, if you want to make the video perfect, you can choose to buy and own them forever.

Best iPad Video Converter Reviews for Windows 10 Wed, 07 Jun 2017 08:45:01 +0000 iPad is becoming the main entertainment devices which is light and convenient, however the fatal point is that most main popular video formats are not supported by iPad, most users all know the wise option is to find a iPad video converter which can convert video to iPad supported video format easily. iPad series is limited, such as: new iPad (2017), iPad Pro, iPad Mini 4, etc. But the iPad Video Converter is countless, it’s hard to select the best one from the software market. By the reliable test and verify, 5 best iPad Video Converter, you can take a look and have a try.

#Best iPad Video Converter Reviews for Windows 10-Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate

Try First: free and best ipad video converter download ipad video converter

Overview: During the iPad Video Converter championship match, who is the true hero? I have to say this software won’t let you down. If you know the powerful video input feature, you will choose it without any hesitation, this iPad video converter not only can support common video formats, like: MPEG1, MPEG2 M4V, TS WebM, etc, Also can support video from DVD and Blu-ray disc, ISO file, DVD and Blu-ray folder, unbelievable! Of course, you can convert amy vbideo to any iPad compatible video formats easily. At the same time, you can enjoy the excellent video editing and setting benefits. Can’t wait to try? Go!

best ipad video converter

#Best iPad Video Converter Reviews for Windows 10-Pavtube Video Converter

Try First: free and best ipad video converter download ipad video converter

Overview: As the best iPad Video Converter, Pavtube Video Converter do the remarkable work on iPad. Excpet the friendly and safe interface, easy installation, reliable serve support. This software can support any popular and unpopular video import, such as: H.265, AVI, MKV, WMV, AVCHD, M2TS/MTS, etc. You can find all the iPad supported video formats at here: H.264, MP4, MOV, etc. You just need to import the video, choose the iPad acceptable video format, then click the Convert button, just few minutes, you can get a perfect iPad video. This software can be the fastest and best iPad Video Converter.

Load MTS files

#Best iPad Video Converter Reviews for Windows 10-iFastime Video Converter Ultimate

Try First: iPad video converter free download

Overview: Mention the iPad Video Converter, this software you can try. You can load multiple video formats to this software, like: H.265/HEVC MKV and MP4, H.264, MPEG, Xvid, M3U8, etc. This video converter provides you 200+ video formats, at the same time, it offers many settings parameters to better suit your usage habits, like: iPad, iPhone, Surface tablets, streaming to PS3, and more. As a iPad beginner, this software is a good choice.

ipad video converter

#Best iPad Video Converter Reviews for Windows 10-Format Factory

Try First: iPad video converter free download

Overview: From the name, we know this software must be another excellent iPad Video Converter, which allows you to convert any of your video files with no effort, such as: MP4, AVI, WMV, MPG, 3GP, FLV, and SWF. Also you can directly set the output format as iPhone and iPad with the presets instead of setting the parameters yourself. Complete, powerful and free, this iPad Video Converter you are worthy having one.

Want More: Best Format Factory Alternative

Format Factory

#Best iPad Video Converter Reviews for Windows 10-Handbrake

Try First: iPad video converter free download

Overview: Handbrake is really famous, most users are using it. As a perfect iPad Video Converter, Handbrake can output MP4 and MKV formats. In addition, it lets you import almost any video and DVD. But you know this tool only can handle with DVD without any protection. If your want to watch DVD on iPad, the DVD is protected by region code, CSS, etc. You have to find another tool to do this hard work.

Want More: Best Handbrake Alternative


Friendly Suggestion: From above information, have you made the final decision and choose your dream iPad Video Converter? Here, i recommend Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate, the multiple video input and output, fast video conversion speed, reliable serve support, best of all, you can edit the video by yourself. By the way, if you are a Mac user, you can refer to Best iPad Video Converter for Mac and choose your desired iPad Video Converter for Mac.

Best DVD to iPad Converter Reviews for Windows 10 Mon, 05 Jun 2017 08:50:56 +0000 For most DVD fans, you can’t take the DVD player to anywhere, you can’t move the TV to anywhere. However, you can take the iPad to anywhere: at the meeting, at home, on a flight, etc. Watch DVD movie on iPad Pro, new iPad 2017, iPad Mini 4, etc, so great. How to take the precious opportunity to watch your favorite DVDs on iPad anywhere? DVD to iPad Converter software is your DVD savior.

A prefect DVD to iPad Converter can rip and convert DVD to iPad supported video formats, you just need to download the software on your PC and import the DVD movie to it, then click here, click there, all the complicated tasks, the powerful DVD to iPad Converter will do for you, you just need to wait for the result. There are multiple software for converting and ripping DVD to iPad compatible formats, which one is your best DVD to iPad friend? This article will show you the 7 fastest and best DVD to iPad Converter for Windows 10, you can choose one, try one, or buy one.

Part 1: iPad Knowledge Help you to Enjoy DVD on iPad

Knowledge A: iPad playable media formats:

Video Formats:

  • Movie, TV and video files in MP4, M4V, MOV file formats.
  • H.264 video up to 1080p, 30fps, main profile level 3.1 with AAC-LC audio up to 160Kbps, 48kHz, stereo audio;
  • MPEG-4 video up to 2.5 Mbps, 640 by 480 pixels, 30fps, simple profile with AAC-LC audio up to 48kHz, 160Kbps, stereo audio.
  • iPad 1 only supports H.264-encoded format in 720p.

Audio Format: AAC, MP3, MP3 VBR, Audible, WAV, AIFF, Apple Lossless.

Knowledge B: All iPad series:

iPad: iPad (1st) | iPad 2 | iPad (3rd) | iPad (4th) | iPad Air | iPad Air 2 | iPad (2017)

iPad Pro: iPad Pro 12.9-inch | iPad Pro 9.7-inch

iPad Mini: iPad Mini (1st) | iPad Mini 2 | iPad Mini 3 | iPad Mini 4

Part 2: The 7 Fastest and Best DVD to iPad Converter Reviews for Windows 10

Top 1: DVD to iPad Converter for Windows 10-ByteCopy

Overview: Bytecopy is one of the best DVD to iPad Converter which can support any DVD movie, such as: DVD disc, DVD ISO files, DVD folder, in addition, you even can load the Blu-ray dsic, ISO files to this software. Most users often meet the difficult DVD protection issue, here, you can relax, this tool can remove all the DVD and Blu-ray protection, whatever the CSS, RC, RCE, APS, UOPs or AACS, BD+ and so on.

Open this DVD to iPad Converter, you will find 250+ output video formats, such as: MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, etc. Surprise: you can choose the MKV which can provide you the perfect and lossless MKV with multiple audio/subtitle tracks, you can also choose other video formats you want. Best of all, you can decide the video quality, you can select the HD video, 3D video, 4K video and so on. If you want to adjust the video parameters by yourself, no problem, you can enter the video setting menu and set the video and audio codec, video fame, video resolution, etc. At here, no any video formats compatibility issue, no any interruption issue, just enjoy the DVD to iPad conversion.

best dvd to ipad converetr

Top 2: DVD to iPad Converter for Windows 10-BDMagic

Overview: Are you searching a professional DVD to iPad Converter? BDMagic is your dream DVD tool which interface is user-friendly and handy. Of course, you don’t worry about the DVD protection any more, at the same time, you can DVD to MP4, M4V, MKV, MOV, and more. You can watch DVD on iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini, etc without any trouble. For most users, edit DVD movie on iPad is so cool, this software can help you to get rid of any video editing trouble, you can enjoy the wonderful video editing in Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Final Cut Express, Avid, etc.

dvd to ipad converter

Top 3: DVD to iPad Converter for Windows 10-Leawo DVD Ripper

Overview: This DVD to iPad Converter is also a good choice which is easy to use, Users can load and convert DVD movie to MP4, MOV, FLV, MKV, WMV, AVI, etc. This tool will provide 180+ formats for you. Except the excellent output video features, Leawo DVD Ripper also comes with handy video editor, 2D to 3D converter and DVD player.  you can do these: trimming, cropping, adding effects and watermarks, and rotating and so on.

dvd to ipad converterLEAWO

Top 4: DVD to iPad Converter for Windows 10-Format Factory

Format Factory is a  multifunctional converter software that’s able to convert all types of video, audio and image files. Of course, you can import DVD to this software and convert DVD to iPad supported vidoe formats.  Through its intuitive interface, this program makes the conversion process accessible to users of all experience levels. Complete, powerful and free, it’s a must-have DVD to iPad Converter.

copy dvd to ipad converter

Top 5: DVD to iPad Converter for Windows 10-Handbrake

Overview: Handbrake is really famous, which a free and open-source tool and help you to rip DVD to iPad-playable video. You can directly rip your DVD to MP4 and MKV formats. At the same time, you also can enjoy the multiple video and audio parameter settings by your own need. However there is a little flaws, this DVD to iPad tool is a time-consuming ripper because it owns a lower ripping speed than the other two. Also, it is unable to break down some protection methods like CSS, finally, you only can choose MP4 and MKV as the output video formats. If you are patientt enough and like MP4 video, you can consider this tool.

handbrake dvd to ipad converter

Top 6: DVD to iPad Converter for Windows 10-MPEG Streamclip

Froim above information, we know that iPad most supported video formats is MPEG, so MPEG Streamclip is really a matched choice just like it’s name. This tool can convert all popular video formats, like: HD Video(1080p, 4k, H.265), AVI, WMV, ASF, SWF, FLV, etc. At the same time, it allows editing of the video with special tools, such as: Trim, adjust, merge, crop, rotate, watermark, subtitle etc.By the way, MPEG Streamclip can work on PC and Mac, you don’t worry about the operating system compatibility.

rip dvd to ipad

Top 7: DVD to iPad Converter for Windows 10-Ffmpeg

This software is also a good choice for converting DVD to iPad, Ffmpeg is an open source project that develops libraries and programs for handling multimedia data. Even though the interface is a little complicated, for those command users who are interested in transcoding and streaming video files through ffmpeg, ffserver, ffplay, and ffprobe, this DVD to iPad Converter is suitable for you.

convert dvd to ipad

Part 3: The 7 Fastest and Best DVD to iPad Converter Comparison

Software Pavtube ByteCopy Pavtube BDMagic Format Factory Leawo Blu-ray Ripper Handbrake MPEG Streamclip Ffmpeg
Input File Formats
DVD disc
DVD Folder
Blu-ray Disc/BDMV Folder/ISO Image
Not recognizing Blu-ray ISO
Output DVD to iPad Video Formats
Advanced DVD to iPad Video Features
Preview Video
Modify Video Parameters
Edit Videos
NVIDIA CUDA technology and AMD APP technology
GPU encoding is restricted to Nvidia’s CUDA only
Comprehensive Performance
Installation Very Easy Very Easy Easy Easy Easy Easy Complex
Main Interface best dvd to ipad software best dvd to ipad software 4 star dvd to ipad converter 4 star dvd to ipad converter 4 star dvd to ipad converter 3 star dvd to ipad converter 3 star dvd to ipad converter
Loading DVD Very Fast Very Fast Good Good Good Good Good
Conversion Speed Very Fast Very Fast Good Good Good Good Good

Our Conclusion and Recommendations:

From the input and output video formats, Bytecopy is the best DVD to iPad Converter which not only can support 100+ video input, DVD and Blu-ray disc, also can output 200+ video formats. At the same time, the excellent lossless MKV video output features and video conversion speed up are really cool. Some other video features, such as: Subtitles features, 3D video feature, video editing and setting features are all worthy choosing. This tool is not a simple DVD to iPad converter, it’s also a powerful Blu-ray to iPad converter, prefect DVD and Blu-ray ripper. For Mac user, Best DVD to iPad Converter for Mac is ready for you. Good luck to you.

Play DVD with CyberLink PowerDVD 17 on Computer Fri, 02 Jun 2017 06:26:27 +0000 People who like to watch movie, CyberLink PowerDVD 17 you must have one, which is a powerful movie and media players and can provide the unbeatable quality, better resolution, colors, brightness and so on. For home-theater PC enthusiasts, no doubt, play DVD with CyberLink PowerDVD 17 on Computer is cool. You just can do these:

 —>Insert the DVD to your PC

—>Open CyberLink PowerDVD 17

—>Choose “My Computer ” to find the DVD disc you have inserted

—>Double click the movie name to play DVD with CyberLink PowerDVD 17 on PC


Even though CyberLink PowerDVD 17 is so great, it’s not the omnipotent, why? DVD protection is the invisible hinder, some users don’t know why the CyberLink PowerDVD 17 can’t play DVD, DVD protection is the reason. You need to remove the DVD protection firstly. How to do? A powerful DVD Ripper can do this work well, such as: Pavtube BDMagic which can be your best CyberLink PowerDVD 17 video friend.

You can remove any DVD protection in this software. In addition, you not only can load DVD to this tool, you also can import Blu-ray disc, DVD ISO/DVD folder to it. Sometimes, watching DVD movie from the disc is not the best choice, you can convert DVD to CyberLink PowerDVD 17 supported video formats, such as: MP4, M2T, M2TS, M4V, MKV, MPEG, MPG, etc.

As known to all, CyberLink PowerDVD 17 can provide a full Virtual Reality experience, want to watch 3D movie from DVD without any money? Here you can do: Convert DVD to 3D video formats, then enjoy it on VR headset, such as: Galaxy S6. At the same time, you can choose 3D effects: Top-Bottom, Side-by-Side, Anaglyph. Except the 3D video, 4K video is becoming more and more popular, you are too lucky here, you can upscale HD video to 4K video. Then you can enjoy the 4K high quality movie on CyberLink PowerDVD 17.

trial buy

Step by Step to Convert DVD to PowerDVD 17 Dream Video Formats

Step 1. Run the Blu-ray ripper and click “File” > “Load from disc” to load DVD movie. Once you import the DVD to this software, you don’t worry about the DVD protection any more.

load blu-ray to blu-ray to mp4 sd card converter

Step 2. Choose Output video format is the most important step, you need to click "Format" and open the formats list, here, 200+ video formats are ready for you, you can choose anyone that can be suported by PowerDVD 17. For example: You cna choose MP4 video from "Common Video", or HD MP4 from "HD Video", you cna refer to the following table to choose your desired video formats.

Also you can backup DVD to another blank DVD disc for storage, this DVD Ripper provide 2 ways for you, you can backup DVD main title to a blank DVD with smaller video size, or you can copy entire DVD disc if you want to keep the whole DVD movie structure.

dvd and bd copy

Step 3. Click the “Browse” to save the output video file, you can choose the computer hard drive which is convenient for you to watch DVD movie on CyberLink PowerDVD 17. The final click is the “Convert” button, press it and start ripping DVD process.

Friendly Information:

Some users don’t know the CyberLink PowerDVD 17 supported video formats, don’t be panic, you can refer to the following table:

CyberLink PowerDVD 17 Supported Formats
DVD and Blu-ray BD-R 1.1/BD-RE 2.1, BD-R 2.0/BD-RE 3.0, BDROM 2.2, BD-J, BDROM Profile 1.1 (Bonus View), BDROM Profile 2.0 (BD-Live), BDROM Profile 5.0 (BD 3D), BDROM Profile 6.0 (Ultra HD Blu-ray), AVCREC, AVCHD XAVC-S, DVD-Video, DVD-VR, DVD+VR, VCD, SVCD, CD, BD ISO, DVD ISO
Videos Conventional Video: 264, 265, 26L, 3G2, 3GP, 3GP2, 3GPP, ASF, AVC, AVI, BSF, DIV, DIVX, DVR-MS, FLV1, H264, H265, HEVC, JSV, JVT, M1V, M2P, M2T, M2TS, M2V, M4V, MK3D, MKV, MOD, MOV1, MP4, MP4V, MPE, MPEG, MPG, MPV, MTS, MVC, QT, TOD, TP, TPD, TRP, TS, TTS, VC1, VOB, VRO, WM, WMV, WTV2
360 Video: Equirectangular format MP4 (H.264/265). Supports up to 4K resolution in 2:1 aspect ratio. 3D-360 Video: Packed-Equirectangular format MP4 (H.264/265). Supports up to 4K resolution in 1:1 aspect ratio. HDR 10 Video: H.265 in MP4, MKV and M2TS

When you play the DVD with CyberLink PowerDVD 17 on PC and CyberLink PowerDVD always crashes, how to do?

a) Ensure your CyberLink PowerDVD is up-to-date: You can check software updates from here.

b) Update graphic card driver to the latest: You can download latest driver from AMD / NVIDIA / Intel’s web site. If you have any problem with installing graphics card drivers, please contact your computer manufacturer or the manufacturer of the display and sound cards for latest drivers.

c) Check whether the installed drive has enough space on it: This is because large amount of memory space is required for buffering.

d) Make sure you logged in as an Administrator.

e) Disable or uninstall antivirus: Sometimes CyberLink PowerDVD may be affected by antivirus software. Disable antivirus software might resolve your issue. If the situation persists, try the following steps:

  1. Uninstall antivirus software
  2. Uninstall CyberLink PowerDVD
  3. Reboot
  4. Reinstall CyberLink PowerDVD