Convert MP4 to TiVo Supported Format on macOS Sierra

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If you have lots of MP4 files and a TiVo, chances are you want to transfer MP4 files from your Mac to TiVo for enjoyment. That would be great if you can transfer those interesting MP4 movies or videos from your Mac to TiVo and enjoy them by sitting comfortably on your cozy Sofa! When you try to do this, you’ll find it’s very difficult to do the job, it seems that MP4 is not compatible with TiVo. One easy way could be converting MP4 to TiVo on Mac (including macOS 10.12 Sierra). Then after the conversion, you could upload MP4 video to TiVo for watching.In this article, we aim to work out the “convert MP4 to TiVo MPEG-2 format”solution for you.

Based on our testing and tech support from TiVo, we know that the home videos supported file format includes WMV, MOV, MPEG-4/H.264 MP4, M4V, MPEG-2, DivX and Xvid. To get the job done, one easy way could be converting MP4 to MPEG 2 on Mac (macOS Sierra Included) to play the movie on your TiVo. After that, you can easily upload MP4 videos to TiVo for watching.

Best MP4 to TiVo Converter For Mac OS Sierra

Here is an easy and economical way to convert MP4 Files to TiVo compatible format MPEG 2 on your Mac and transfer them to your TiVo (including TiVo series 3, series 2 and series 1). By using this Pavtube iMedia Converter for Mac(review),MP4 to TiVo format conversion becomes a breeze! With it, you can easily and fast convert multiple MP4 files to TiVo compatible format MPEG-2 on your Mac at a time. Moreover, you can keep the original quality of your file and the converting process is so simple that even beginners can learn to use it in no time. Besides, you can also perform the following operations with the help of this powerful iMedia Converter: trim large video files into small video segments; adjust video brightness, contrast, saturation and change video effect as a whole; rotate videos into other angles.


> Built in numerous video audio codecs, it is powerful enough to transcode MP4 videos to TiVo, MKV, HEVC (H.265), M2TS, AVCHD, FLAC, MP3, MOV, AVI, WMV, MPEG, FLV, VOB, 3GP, etc.
> Optimized preset output profiles make it easy to transcode videos to iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android tabletSamsung Galaxy S7, Google Nexus, Kindle Fire 7, PS4, Xbox, Surface Book, etc.
> Support TrueHD audio and keep 7.1/5.1 audio while ripping Blu-ray
> This video transcoding software is designed to transcode videos at any resolution, including 1080p, 2160p 4K and 4320p 8K.
> Create 3D SBS MKV/MP4 out of 2D/3D source for Gear VR, Oculus Rift CV1, ZEISS VR One, etc.
> This all-in-one product has a very user-friendly interface and every option is placed in a simple way.
> Excellent Built-in Video Editor As a powerful video converting software, it provides dozens of video editing functions, including: trim video length, crop video size, split large video into segments, add watermarks, adjust video effect.

Make Preparation: Free download MP4 to TiVo Converter

Free download on Mac Buy now on Mac

Simple Guide to Convert MP4 to TiVo Format on Mac OS Sierra

Converting MP4 files to TiVo with Pavtube is simple as ABC. After downloading, follow the wizard to install and run the program. Then follow the steps below to transcode MP4 to TiVo MPEG-2 in a few clicks! The below guide takes Video Converter for Mac (Mac OS Sierra compatible) screenshots for example.

Step 1: Add MP4 home videos

Drag & drop MP4 files to the program. Or click “Add Video” button to locate the MP4 files you want to add. It supports batch conversion, so that you can convert several MP4 files at a time.

Tip: If you want to join all the MP4 files you loaded as a single file, you can tick checkbox “Merge into one file”.


Step 2: Choose TiVo device friendly format

Hit the drop-down list of “Format” to choose “Common Video -> MPEG-2 Video(*.mpg) as the best format.


Tip: Set advanced settings (Optional)

By clicking the Settings icon, you can adjust video and audio parameters like codec, bit rate, frame rate, sample rate, etc., in that way, you can take charge of the size and quality of the output files. In principle, the larger input values, the better output quality, but the corresponding larger file size.


Step 3: Start converting MP4 for TiVo

As soon as all the above settings are completed, you can press “Convert” button to start MP4 to MPEG-2 conversion. After conversion is done, simply click “Completed” to back to main interface, and click “Open” button to find generated output videos and then transfer it from your Mac OS Sierra to TiVo for playback flawlessly.

TIPS: How to Transfer Converted TiVo files to Mac and Copy Videos From MacOS Sierra to Tivo

Guide to copy Tivo files to Mac:

Step 1. Connect your TiVo to network

1. Confirm that your TiVo has been connected to your home network. If it’s not, refer to your TiVo manual to get it connected.

2. Set up an account at

3. Log in and click “DVR Preferences” in the left navigation bar.

4. Check the box for Allow Transfers and click “Save Preferences”, but don’t log out yet.

Note: Before log out, please click “Overview” > “Media Access Key” (MAK). The page that appears will appear your MAK. Write it down, or save it on your Mac for the future using.


Step 2. Keep your Mac on your network and launch TiVoDecode Manager

TiVoDecode Manager (TDM) is a free Applescript Studio interface (i.e. “wrapper”) for the tivodecode program that automates the process of downloading of standalone TiVo Series 2 files to your computer and decoding into MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 files. It is not for Series 1 (ever), Series 3, or DirecTiVos (unhacked or hacked).


Step 3. Find your TiVo on your network

1. Enter your TiVo’s IP address in the TiVo IP Address box. Or let the software find it for you by selecting your TiVo from the pull-down menu;

2. Click the “Update From TiVo” button;

3. Click the “Prefs” button in the lower-right corner. Input the Media Access Key box;

4. Click “Update From TiVo” again.

Step 4. Transfer TiVo videos to Mac

In the “Now Playing list”, you will see a list of TiVo shows appeared.

1. Select the show and click “Add Show To Queue” which will appear in the Download Queue list.?

2. Hit “Download” to choose where you want to save it on your Mac.

3. Choose the “Download Format” from the pull-down menu to pick a format at the bottom of the window, such as, MPEG-2 (native), QuickTime MPEG-4 (iPod) and custom MPEG-4 format. A list of videos on your TiVo will appear in the Now Playing list.


You’re done.With the help of this tutorial, transferring MP4 files to TiVo device through Mac OS Sierra, Mac OS X El Capitan, Mac Yosemite etc for playback becomes as easy as pie.

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