3D FAQ: Your 3D TV Questions Answered and Software Recommended

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3D TV technologies perform in delivering convincing, comfortable, enjoyable and high quality 3D imaging and viewing experiences. So you’ve caught a 3D movie at your local theater and were impressed enough that you want to bring the 3D experience home with you. We do our best by presenting what we know about 3D TVs and 3D TV technology in general. These 3D FAQs answer in concise form, some of the most common frequently asked questions about 3D TV Technology. Our 3D FAQ has the 3D TV information you need to get started. 


What Do I Need to Watch TV in 3D? 

You’ll need a 3D display (a television or monitor), a 3D player (a 3D Blu-ray player, PlayStation 3, or cable box), 3D media (3D Blu-rays, games, or television), 3D glasses (for every viewer), and 3D-compatible cables. 

What’s the Difference Between Active and Passive 3D? 

This is one of the most frequently asked questions (or FAQ) about 3D TV. Active 3D uses active 3D glasses, which rapidly block each eye in time with images shown on the screen. Each eye sees something different, producing a 3D effect. Active 3D TVs provide higher-resolution images with less ghosting, but the glasses are pricey and need batteries. 

Passive 3D uses polarized glasses (like you get in movie theaters) that alter what each eye sees on the screen. The quality level is not quite up to par with active 3D, but passive glasses are much cheaper and don’t require batteries. 

Can everyone see 3D TV? 

The simple answer is NO. More than 4% of the American population cannot see 3D the way it is implemented today. This does not mean that these persons do not have depth perception when viewing real objects in space. At the same time, it also means that it is best to check your eyesight before investing in one of the latest 3D HDTVs. 

Do I Need Special Glasses to Watch 3D? 

Though glasses-free 3D tech is available, most 3D TVs require glasses. And not just any 3D glasses will do–you’ll need glasses from the manufacturer of your television. The old-style red and blue glasses definitely won’t work. 

Are 3D TV glasses interchangeable between brands? 

Glasses are currently proprietary for each manufacturer, so for example if you have a Samsung 3D TV, only the Samsung 3D glasses will work with it. In some rare cases manufacturers may be sourcing the same glasses from the same supplier. However, play it safe and only purchase glasses that are approved for use with your brand of TV. 

What Can I Watch in 3D? 

This is another very frequently asked 3D question. Most 3D movies released in theaters will also be available on 3D Blu-ray. Television options are limited, but a handful of networks broadcast in 3D, including ESPN. If you’re a gamer, Sony’s PlayStation 3 not only plays 3D Blu-rays but 3D games as well. You’ll find a number of 3D cameras and camcorders on the market, so you’ll be able to watch your home movies in 3D too. 

Can I Watch 2D Content on a 3D TV? 

3D is really just a feature added to high-end HDTVs. Not only will you be able to watch in 2D on a 3D TV, but you should generally get a better quality picture than on a comparable non-3D TV. 

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Are There Any Health Concerns with Watching 3D? 

Though this 3D FAQ shouldn’t be considered medical advice, it is known that watching 3D programming can cause eye fatigue and headaches in some viewers–not unlike staring at a computer monitor for too long. This can often be alleviated by taking breaks from 3D viewing. However, if you have trouble sitting through a 3D movie at a theater, 3D at home probably won’t be any better. 

It’s estimated that 10% of people simply can’t see 3D effects due to vision issues that may not be evident outside of 3D viewing. However, if you can comfortably view a 3D movie in a theater, you should be able to see it at home as well. 

We hope our 3D FAQ has helped answer your 3D TV information needs! 

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