Rip DVD to Synology DS1817+ NAS for Playback

John Salley

Sep 01, 2017 07:30 am / Posted by John Salley to BD/DVD Backup, NAS

There are many wonderful DVD movies: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, The Lion King, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and so on. How do you store and protect them? Have you found the best solution for saving the DVD discs? We have found the best way: Copy DVD to Synology DS1817+,  DS1817+ provides the large DVD storage space which is easy to store. You need one  DS1817+, multiple DVD discs, and DVD copy software. For DS1817+ new user, this post is especially for you which will tell you to copy DVD to
Synology DS1817+ easily.

  1. Part 1. Best DVD Copy Software for Synology DS1817+
  2. Part 2. Backup DVD to Synology DS1817+ With Fast Speed
  3. Part 3. Transfer Converted DVD Videos to Your Device from Synology DS1817+ NAS

Best DVD Copy Software for Synology DS1817+

From the abundant data and users’ feedback, Bytecopy is the best DVD copy software which attracts most DVD fans and NAS users, it’s eay to use, even you are a PC beginner, you can master this software in 2 minutes. With the simple buttons, you can get the best service for your DVD and Synology DS1817+. You can read the below key features or this best DVD copy review to know this software more.

Are you searching these features?

  1. Support DVD disc, ISO/IFO image, DVD folder, also can support the Blu-ray disc, ISO image and folder.
  2. Remove DVD region code, CSS, RC, RCE, APS, UOPs and Sony ARccOS and other DVD copy protection.
  3. Provide 200+ video formats for you, like: MP4, H.265, H.264, AVI, MOV, WMV, MKV, FLV, etc.
  4. Allow to copy full DVD disc or copy the DVD main title.
  5. In the user-friendly interface, you can choose the forced subtitles and languages for output video.
  6. Different video quality: SD video, HD video, 4K video, 3D video you can find all in this software.
  7. For Mac users, you can install this software on and Mac (Including the latest macOS High Sierra).

How to Backup DVD to Synology DS1817+ Quickly?

Click 1. Load the DVD disc

Open this software with double click and choose “File” to load the DVD discs. You also can drag the DVD movie to the DVD copy software. You can find many DVD video chapters, this software can detect the DVD main title automatically.


Click 2. Choose output video format

Option A: When you load the DVD movies, you can click Format and open the output video format list. You can convert DVD to digital videos for save much DVD storage space. When you upload the digital DVD videos to DS1817+ , you can stream DVD from DS1817+ to any other devices you like: Xbox One, iPad, iPhone 8/7, Samsung Note 8, etc.

copy dvd

Option B: If you are like the DVD disc and want to protect the DVD movie, you can copy the full DVD disc which keeps all the DVD content: Click  on the top of the menu and copy the full DVD disc.

Option C: You also can copy DVD disc main title which won’t affect you to play DVD movies: Click “Format” > “Copy” > “Directly Copy”

direct copy

Step 3. Start to copy DVD to DS1817+

After choosing the right DVD backup option, user need to go back to the main interface, and click “Convert” button to start the DVD backup conversion.

Transfer Converted DVD Videos to Your Device from Synology DS1817+ NAS

When we have uploaded the DVD videos to Synology DS1817+ , you can stream the converted DVD movies from DS1817+ to your iPad Pro, iPhone, iPoad, Android smart phone, etc. If you converted the DVD videos in one video format or backup the full DVD disc to Synology DS1817+, you can transcord the video from Synology DS1817+ to your devices, Synology DS1817+ NAS has transcoding capabilities, like the below table.

Apple TV Win PC and Mac browsers
MP4: stream original video (without subtitles) MP4, MOV and M4V: stream original video file
 MP4 and MKV: remux video (with subtitles) MP4 (multi audio tracks) or MKV: remux video
Transcode video up to 1080p Transcode video up to 1080p
   Use 3rd party plugin for unsupported formats (Win PC only)
Chromecast iOS Devices
MP4, MOV, M4V, and MKV: stream original video (video codec: H.264 HP@L4.1; audio codec: AAC/MP3) MP4: stream original video
MP4, MOV, M4V, and MKV: remux video if audio codec is AC3 MKV: remux video
Transcode video up to 1080p Transcode video up to 1080p
DLNA Devices
Transmit original files to the DLNA devices; supported formats depend on the device
Android Devices Windows Phone
Supported formats depend on the device. MP4, WMV: stream original video
Stream original video up to 1080p or down sample video to 480p Transcode videos up to 720p
Roku Players
MP4 (mpeg4 Pt 14), M4V, and MOV (Video Codec: h264 / mpeg4 ; Audio Codec: aac / ac3 / mp3 / none and non-5.1 aac): stream original video
MKV: remux video
Transcode videos up to 1080p (resolution conditioned by Roku models)

Tip: Some video formats can be transcoded by Synology DS1817+, you can use the professional video converter for your devices too.