Blu-ray Ripping Special Features/Bonus Content/Extras

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Blu-ray ripping special features

“I want to know the simplest way to rip the bonus content from Blu-ray discs to my PC. I’d be fine with individual files I can rename (to whatever the name of the feature is) or keeping some sort of ISO with a menu to just keep the special features part working. Is there a simple way to do this? MakeMKV pulls down the whole disc into all those m2ts files and I’m looking for something better. Thoughts?”

Blu-ray bonus content

Benefits to rip Blu-ray with bonus content

Most stored purchased Blu-ray movies usually come with special features such as behind the scenes footage, cast interviews, and extended or deleted scenes which you can’t otherwise get by online downloaded Torrent movies. Detailed bonus content may include 3 hours of documentary on how they built and filmed the space station sets, location shooting on glaciers, music recording in a giant church, interviews and discussions with the physicists who worked on the movie, details on the graphical simulations.

Different ways to rip Blu-ray with extras preserved

There are 2 different ways to rip Blu-ray with special features preserved. You can make a 1:1 full disc copy of Blu-ray or backup Blu-ray to ISO image file. The following article will illustrate them one by one for you with detailed illustration.

1:1 full Blu-ray disc copy

A 1:1 full disc copy of Blu-ray will allows you to copy the entire Blu-ray disc without any quality loss while preserve all your extras including audio commentary, documentary, extended deleted scenes, interviews and also subtitle languages, subtitle tracks, chapter information, com. To get the job done, you can download Pavtube ByteCopy (review), which will save your original Blu-ray disc as an BDMV folder on local computer with all the bonus content preserved. You can then play the BDMV folder on computer with free Blu-ray player software such as VLC Media Player, PotPlayer, 5K Player, FreeSmith Video Player, etc.  

Note: Pavtube ByteCopy is simple pretty simple to use and you can complete the whole copy process with just 3 steps below. It can automatically bypass the Blu-ray copy protection in the background, there are no additional software is required for conversion or decryption. In addition, it is very safe to download and doesn’t doesn’t feature any ads or bundled adware.

How to Full Disc Copy of Blu-ray with Special Features using Pavtube ByteCopy?

Step 1: Load Blu-ray disc to the program.

Run the program, insert your Blu-ray disc into an external Blu-ray drive, click “File” > “Load from disc” to import Blu-ray disc movie to the program.

Load Blu-ray disc

Step 2: Full disc copy of Blu-ray disc.

On the main top tool bar of the interface, click copy the entire disc button to copy the entire Blu-ray disc with all your unwanted features and extras.

Step 3: Start the full disc copying process.

Click the “OK” option in the popped out window, then the full Blu-ray disc copying process will start automatically. When the copying process is completed, you will get an BDMV folder with all your unwanted bonus content.

Backup Blu-ray to ISO image

An ISO image is an achieve file of an optical disc, a type of disk image composed of the data contents from very written sector on an optical disc, including the optical disc file system. If you want to preserve everything such as the special features, extras, etc on Blu-ray disc, then backing up Blu-ray to ISO can be another good choice.

What you will need: A Blu-ray drive, Blu-ray Ripper software and a Blu-ray ISO creator software. Here, you can use Pavtube ByteCopy to copy Blu-ray copy Blu-ray structure (a BDMV and a CERTIFICATE directory) to hard drive and then use the freeware ImgBurn to create BD ISO image from Blu-ray directories. This option is much faster than making a disc-to-disc copy since it skips the step of extracting the ISO file from the disc, which is the most time-consuming part of the process.

Can you backup Blu-ray to lossless multi-track MKV format?

Some people choose to backup Blu-ray to lossless multi-track MKV format with MakeMKV. The fact is that the multi-track MKV format only preserve all the subtitle languages and audio tracks but will exclude other your unwanted bonus content such as movie menu, commentary, documentary, etc.

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