How to Watch purchased digital Vudu movies on Surface Pro 3

John Salley

Apr 10, 2015 12:41 am / Posted by John Salley to Video, Windows

Vudu is an interesting on-demand streaming video service from Walmart. it’s similar to other streaming services like Amazon Instant Video that let you purchase or rent movies and TV shows. For some time now rumors have been circulating that the release of Star Wars films on digital platforms would be announced at the upcoming Star Wars Celebration with a release date of May 4. Many movie fans of Star Wars wonder if they can watch downloaded Star Wars from Vudu on Surface Pro 3 tablet freely when traveling (no wifi or internet required).

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Watch downloaded Star Wars from Vudu on Surface Pro 3

Since Vudu movies are DRM protected which prevents you from copying or transferring them to Non-Apple devices including Android tablets, you need to remove DRM first to make it possible to capture Vudu movies to play on Surface Pro 3. Here Pavtube Vudu to Surface Converter- ChewTune is highly recommended for its easy-to-use interface, straight workflow and reliable video quality. (Read the review)

It can remove the DRM protection from Vudu downloaded video, and record Vudu downloaded movies in Surface Pro 3 playable mp4 format. What’s more, this DRM Removal Tool can also strip DRM protection from iTunes movies/TV shows, Amazon Instant WMV videos, and Digital copies, convert them to Surface Pro 3 for playback. Are you in need of assistance with converting purchased digital Vudu movies for watching on Surface Pro 3 when traveling? Just download a trial and you’re ready to remove DRM from Star Wars Vudu movie with this professional Vudu to Surface Converter Tool.

     (Click here for Mac OS X 10.5)

Some tips on before using ChewTune:

1. Make sure that your computer is authorized for source videos, that is to say you can play the source Vudu movies in Vudu.

2. Allow the audio driver installed during the Pavtube ChewTune installation.

3. It would take as long as the source movie length for the whole Vudu DRM video to Surface Pro 3 conversion process since Pavtube ChewTune records source DRM videos in 1:1 video and audio quality.

Tutorial — Record/Convert Star Wars DRMed Vudu to Surface Pro 3 DRM-free MP4 videos

Step 1. Run Vudu DRM to Surface Converter, click “Add Video” or “Add from folder” button on the main interface to import Vudu movies, or you may drag and drop the Star Wars movie downloaded from Vudu to the software.

Step 2. Choose the best codec for Surface Pro.

Click “Format” and select an output format for playing on Surface Pro 3. Here I suggest you choose “Windows > Microsoft Surface Windows RT/Pro H.264 Video (*.mp4)”, because H.264 .mp4 play well on Surface tablets.

In order to achieve the best video and audio playback on your Surface Pro 3, you might need to customize profile settings. Enter “Settings” menu, adjust profile parameters including video codec, video size, bitrate, and frame rate, and save it.

Step 3. Click “Convert” to get DRM-free Vudu movie. The conversion proceeds as Vudu plays the movie.

Now, you can transfer and sync DRM-free Star Wars Vudu movie to Surface Pro 3 for watching freely when traveling without any hassle.

3 thoughts on “How to Watch purchased digital Vudu movies on Surface Pro 3

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  2. Jose says:

    I was looking to remove DRM from a movie that I purchased through Vudu… that’s why I ended up here.I read the article and tried to follow every step explained in it but I encounters some problems during the process.I firstly downloaded the movie using Vudu app (Vudu to Go),it is presented in f4f format.When I try to load it into Chewtune,I get an error… something like “Only DRM files can be loaded”.I’m sure this is the movie itself as it is 9,8gb in size so what am I doing wrong?Any feedback is appreciated.Thank you.As a side note… I’m using Vudu to Go on Mac OS X Yosemite to save the file locally and then Chewtune for Windows for doing the drm removal process under Windows 7 (through VirtualBox).
    *Last version of Chewtune doesn’t work with Yosemite.

    1. John Salley says:

      Sorry to bring you such inconvenience! You can contact us by or The mac version doesn’t work with Yosemite, since Pavtube hasn’t updated it.

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