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Can I Rip DVDs Rented from NetFlix? 

Does it break the law in our country to rip DVD from NetFlix, RedBox and Amazon? We know that renting DVD is more cost-saving than purchasing DVD. Because it may take $20 to purchase a DVD but only $1~$2 to rent a DVD from NetFlix. However, DVD rental may not be cost-efficient if we want to watch a movie time after time. Therefore, we need a NetFlix ripper to backup movies for permanent watching. 

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I think a powerful DVD ripper should meet the requirements as shown below: 

A: It must be safe and without virus. 
B: It must have strong ability to decrypt many encryption codes, such as CSS, Region Code, Multi-angle, RCE, Sony ARccOS, UOP and even Disney X-Project and Cinavia. 
C: It is better if it is with other functions not only ripping DVD. 

So how to figure out a powerful NetFlix ripper? Here, we will show you a side-by-side comparsion for you. After you read the lists, you may found that Pavtube BDMagic (review) is a tool perfectly meets the requirements. With the powerful tool, we can rip NetFlix stream and rip other DVDs to many formats or devices, such as rip INSANITY DVD to iPad, rip DVD to iPhone 7/iPhone 6s. Have learned so much, let’s start ripping Netflix! 

Side-by-Side Top 5 DVD Copy Softwares Review for Netflix DVD 

Software Compare Pavtube BDMagicbdmagic imToo DVD Ripperimtoo Cucusoft DVD Rippercucusoft Pavtube DVDAiddvdaid Handbrakehandbrake
Supported OS: Windows 2003/XP/Vista/ 7/8/8.1/10 Microsoft Windows XP (SP2 or later) Windows 9x/2000/XP2003/Vista/7. Windows 2003/XP/Vista/ 7/8/8.1/10 Windows Vista or later
Supported Source
DVD without copy protection
DVD with copy protection
Output Formats
H.264 MP4
H.265 MP4



Apple devices (iPhone, iPad and Apple TV)
Android, Windows, BlackBerry, etc.
Gaming systems, Projectors, 3D, HDTV, etc.
Windows Movie Maker, Avid, Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, etc
HD Media Players
Other Functions
Batch Conversion
Trim & Crop DVD

Merge and Split DVD

Adjust A/V bitrate, resolution
Select Subtitle
GPU Acceleration
Add srt.ass.ssa subtitle

Free Download

Best Netflix DVD Ripper for Rip NetFlix DVDs for Sharing 

Its key features are shown as below: 

  • With decent decrypting capability of removing CSS Copy-protections and DVD region codes including the latest Netflix DVD discs
  • Rip Netflix DVD to H.265, M3U8, MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, MPEG, FLV, 3GP, FLAC, MP3 and other video/audio formats
  • Has optimized preset for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android Phone/Tablet, Microsoft, TV, etc while converting Netflix DVD
  • Copy the entire disc in original file structure with all subtitle tracks and audio streams preserved.
  • Save 100% intact VOB main movie from your Netflix DVD Disc without any quality loss.
  • Allows you to decide the video/audio bitrate, frame rate, size, codec, sample rate, channel during DVD ripping process

Free download and install: 


Other Download: 

– Pavtube old official address: 
– Cnet Download: 

You can simply return the rented DVD to Netflix after you enjoyed. However, why not leave something? After all, we paid. 

Steps Full Guide About Rip Netflix DVD to MP4, AVI, MOV etc For Personal Usage 

Step 1. Import RedBox movies 

Insert your RedBox rented DVD into your computer’s hard disk and launch this RedBox DVD rentals converter. Then load the DVD by clicking the button on top left corner. 


Note:The software can automatically analyze the main title of DVD in the blink of eye. You may think it is not so important. But actually, when ripping TV series it can help you a lot. With this function you can save a lot of time to find the main title from many titles. 

Step 2. Choose output format 

Click “Format” bar and select one of the formats you like. Or select a format depending on which device you want to watch the movie in. 


There are two options: “Copy the entire disc” and “Directly Copy”. “Copy the entire disc” means copy the whole content of disc with the same structure with the original disc. “Directly Copy” means copy the selected movie title. 

Step 3. Rip and copy RedBox DVD rentals to computer 

Just click “Convert”button, after a while, it will finish the conversion from RedBox DVD to your computer. Now it means you can own the movie forever. Try to connect your computer to your TV or other devices now and enjoy at anytime! 

Tips: Is it illegal to rip a Netflix DVD for private use? 

There is no unified answer since there are different polices from different countries and regions about this question. For example, it is allowed to rip purchased DVD for private use in Australia, New Zealand. But in United Kingdom it is illegal to rip DVD whether it is for personal use or commercial purpose. If you still puzzled you can check out is it illegal to rip DVD in your country. After checking, you may need a professional tool to rip form NetFlix if your country or region allows you to rip NetFlix. 

4 Reasons Netflix DVD Rental Isn’t Going Away 

1. DVDs by mail remain very profitable. Netflix may have seen demand for discs decline — its subscriber base has fallen to 5.3 million from 6.3 million during the past year alone — but its DVD-by-mail business was still good for a contribution profit of $77.9 million in its latest quarter. That may be a lot less than the $340 million contribution profit it generated during the same three months from its domestic streaming platform, but it’s still higher than streaming on a per-subscriber basis. 

It may be a shrinking base, but it’s not broken. It’s still making money, and there’s no reason to close that down. 

2. Discs are a gateway drug. A lot of people are still renting physical media. Outerwall’s (OUTR) Redbox lets TV buffs rent out 146 million discs during the second quarter. As pervasive as Netflix may be, just a third of the homes in the U.S. are currently subscribers. 

As for the rest of the country, some have tried it and moved on. Some just don’t have the broadband capacity to stream effectively. However, for those still relying on their DVD players for entertainment, offering this platform is a good way to attract homes that will eventually migrate to the larger streaming service. 

3. There are still plenty of voids in streaming. As massive as Netflix’s digital catalog gets — and it grows along with its subscriber base — it will never have every single DVD release on its streaming service. Studios want too much for newer releases, and rival services have exclusive streaming rights on other magnetic content. 

That’s where DVDs come in. Until Netflix decides to follow the lead of smaller rivals by offering newer releases on a pay-per-stream basis — and the company appears to have no interest in doing exactly that — there will continue to be holes in its programming. Netflix can always point to its DVD library for content it doesn’t have available to stream. 

4. Netflix has made big investments in its fulfillment centers. Netflix isn’t actively promoting its DVD offering, but it did make a big investment to make its mail-order business more sustainable. Cutting down on the number of distribution centers — to 33 from a peak of 50 — has helped cut costs, but the real investment came in automation. 

Netflix originally had people slicing open returned envelopes, checking the discs, and repackaging them for their next journey. Now a machine is able to process five times the volume. This is an investment in innovation and technology that will continue to keep the business profitable even as more customers let it go. 


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