5 Best Tips for Editing Family Videos

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Jul 10, 2017 09:51 am / Posted by John Salley to Editor, Online

Memory can be playbacked? Yes, we can record the all kind of family videos and remember every nice moment. For example: Record the baby happy childhood, birthy party, a nice wedding, unforgettable family vacation, etc. We all want the video is the best and share with our loved ones. You can edit the family videos by your own idea and create your desired video. Editing video is a time-consuming process. 5 best tips for editing family videos can help you to prevent some video editing tricks and get your dream video effects.

5 Best Tips for Editing Family Videos

Tip 1-Trim the Video

Nobody can make sure all the video clips are useful, no any external useless clips. Even a great director, Trim the video is also necessary. Especially you are taking the video at a wedding or birthday party, there are many people and other thins you can’t control, you may take some fuzzy clips, don’t worry, you just ned to choose the clips and take out unnecessary moment by triming.

cut the video

Tip 2-Interesting Music

No doubt, video can’t be without audio, music can make the video live. When you are taking the video with sound, you need to deal with them, remove some noise and keep nice audio. If you want to make the video more interesting or special, another point to keep in mind: Try not to use the entire length of a song in your video, you can add the matched music to video at the right point, which will be fun.

NOTE: Also if you use the whole song, when you want to upload the vidoe to Facebook or YouTube, they will delete your video for copyright infringement

ad musicto video

Tip 3-Video Degrees

We often use the phone or camera to record the video, the video degree is important, you don’t take the video from one single degree which is too boring. You can try to use shots that are looking at the subject from at least a difference of 45 degrees. Remember to very the degrees and take the video with more interesting angles. Please don’t cut back to the exact same angle.

video degrees

Tip 4-Fun Photos

When you’re making a family movie, sometimes you can’t record every moment, but you take some photos, so you can have another choice: Adding photos to your video, throw them into the mix. It’s best to clump photos together at the beginning of your movie or in the middle. Sprinkling them throughout the movie can be distracting. When you are adding the photos to video, two or three seconds pause is better.

photo to video

Tip 5- Video Lighting

Lighting plays an important role in video which will affect the video playback effects, sometimes the video lighting is decided by the weather or the indoors lamp. It’s easy to edit, brighten, or apply a filter and get away with dark photo, but doing the same to a video can destroy its quality. As a general rule of thumb, make sure that your subject is illuminated by a bright source of light that’s ideally behind you. Use your smartphone’s flashlight only as an absolute last resort.

video lighting

How do You Deal With the Editing Videos?

After the complicated and long time video editing, what can do you on video? or How do you handle the editing video? In general, we like to edit and share the video online, or store the video or send the video to our friends as a precious gift. Sounds so easy? However when we are taking the action, we will meet various troubles, like below:

Share Video?-Usually, when we go outside, upload and share the video on some video share websites and apps, like: Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc. Most users feedback thatb they can’t upload the video to Youtube, Facebook successfully, what’s happening? These video share apps or websites are strick to the video size, video resolution, video length, video bitrate, etc. Don’t be panic, i high recommend you: Pavtube Media Magician which is a excellent video editor,you needn’t render the camcorder video clips while editing on timeline. And it’s easy and accurate to trim or cut frame by frame, delete, rearrange, and join the clips. Best of all, if you meet the video compatibility issue, you also can convert the video to Youtube, Facebook acceptable video formats.

Video Storage?-We spend much time editing video, store the video is more important which can keep the memory forever and transfer the happy memory to our friends. There are many video storage ways, we can store the video on USB, store the video on a external hard drive or upolaod the video to NAS, etc. However different video storage ways support different video formats. In addition, when you edit the video in NLE software, different NLE software output different video formats. How can you get your desired video format? You can try Video Converter Ultimate which is a professional video converter, you can convert video to video easily, don’t worry about the video compatibility issue. Also you can compress video for more storage space.

Make DVD?-For young people, we like to share the video online, but for some people, especially older relatives, still aren’t super comfortable with Facebook. For them, think about pulling all your short family videos together into a single DVD disc, What’s more, we send the video to our friend by E-mail, but the video size is too big to transfer. Why not try to create a DVD disc and end the video to friends as a special gift, so nice. For DVD disc beginner, you may like Free Video DVD Converter Ultimate, you can DIY DVD with built-in video editor, get the video image which is ready for DVD burning.

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#Get Desired Video Editor:

A perfect video editor can make your video more charming and attract more views, so many video editors on the market, which one is the best? Especially for video beginner? Following will introduce some popular vidoe editors for you:

  • YouTube Video Editor: A famous video share websites, also allows users to edit the video for better uploading and attracts more views. You need to create your own Youtube account which can help you upload and manage your video easily.
  • WeVideo: A shared online video creation tool. You can use the free version or buy the official version, of course, the official version is more powerful than free version. 
  • Wideo: Also an excellent, great site for creating regular videos. Best of all, Wideo allows you to use the different elements as many times as you want to create your video.

More detailed information, you can read this post: Best Video Editors

video editor

#Choose the best video share websites

Editing video is important, choosing a video editor is hard, select a good platform for your video is also fatal: A famous video share website can broadcast your video and make more people know your video. Where do you upload and share your video? If you are not satisfied with your share websites, you can choose one from below:

  • Youtube: Broadcast Video to the World. No,doubt, Youtube is at the leading role which has about 20 percent of all global traffic on the internet
  • Break: Make your Life Fun, Break is a interesting, this Video Share Website predominantly male user bas, so you can find many sports, entertainment and the military videos on Break
  • Metacafe: Great Video Banquet. Even though Metacafe is not so famous as Youtube, Metacafe is a carefully planned but extensive banquet, it has a considerable global community.
  • Vimeo: MySpace Video. Vimeo is becoming more and more popular, from the users feedback data, most users like the Vimeo clean interface and many original contents.

Best video share websites, you can get more information from this post.

video share websites

I hope you can take full use of the top 5 tips when you are editing the video, you get the best video editor, best video share websites, also we have provided 3 tools which can be your best video assistant. Just enjoy the video editing, video share.