Solved – MP4 Videos Pause Over DLNA onto Sharp Aquos TV 

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May 16, 2016 09:24 am / Posted by John Salley to Media Players

As there are a lot of MP4 formats available but to play them on the Sharp Aquos TV can be difficult sometimes as DVD players don’t support every MP4 format. If you are thinking whether you can play MP4 on Sharp Aquos TV pause over DLNA then you will get your answer over here. As first, let’s look at the situation: 

Q:”I just recently received my My Cloud and after fixing the incompatibility I was getting from Streaming via DLNA to my Sharp Aquos Tv, I have found that Mpeg2 and Mp4 are acceptable options to my TV. I converted all of my movies to MP4, but run into an issue now where after about an hour of play time (sometimes 1:07, 1:08, 1:14) the movie with freeze and the only way to get it to do anything is to exit the movie and try again, but they NEVER go any further than the ~1 hour mark. The Mpeg format works just fine, except my tv wont allow any kind of playback controls with it. I like being able to pause my movies so I would like to get the MP4 version working. Any help would be appreciated. “ 

The straightforward workplace and intuitive design of this program will make the process so much easier than you thought. To successfully play all kinds of MP4 on Sharp Aquos TV whatever via USB drive or via DLNA server like Plex, Serviio, Twonky, and etc, a recommended solution is to convert Sharp Aquos TV unsupported MP4 to Sharp Aquos TV more supported video format. 


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To help user simplify the process of watching common MP4 video on Sharp Aquos TV, Pavtube has upgraded support for TV profile output. Just download Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate, you will be able to directly output any video to Sharp Aquos TV or Samsung/Panasonic/LG 4K Ultra TV/Panasonic TV profile optimized file format with all the suitable profile parameters. In addition, you can also upscale SD, HD and full HD video to 4K UHD with a resolution of 3840*2160 in the output “Profile Settings” window. 

What’s more, this app is regarded as a great Blu-ray ripping program to help users to convert 2D/3D Blu-ray collections for various HDTVs including but not limited to Sharp TV, Samsung HDTV, Sony Bravia HDTV, LG Smart TV, Toshiba TV, Hisense HDTV, Seiki TV, VIZIO TV and so forth. For Mac users, iMedia Converter for Mac is a helpful app to encode videos for further usage. Here is the review

Free Download and trail: 


Other Download: 

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– Cnet Download: 

Step Guide: How to Converter MP4 files Pause Over DLNA onto Sharp Aquos TV 

Step 1. Launch the Best Video Converter for TV and import MP4 files. 

Drag & drop MP4 files to the program directly. Or go to the “File” menu, choose “Add Video” to locate the MP4 files you want to add. You can add several files to do batch conversion. 


Step 2. Specify output format 

Set output video format as mp4. Sharp TV can support MP4 format perfectly. The MP4 Converter for Sharp TV can convert movies to MP4 with high quality. 


Tip: If want to customize the output video quality, you can hit “Settings” icon to open profile settings window. Frame rate is always suggested to set as “original” unless you want to do some special editing; Size(pix) can be set to 1080p; also the bitrate parameters will affect output quality vertically. You will be able to check the estimated file size in the same window. 


Step 3 Convert MP4 to Sharp Aquos TV 

After the output format is selected, all you need to do is hit the big round “Convert” button of the tool to handle the conversion from MP4 to Sharp Aquos TV. The entire conversion processes will end soon. Wait for a while and you can copy converted movies to USB to play MP4 on Sharp Aquo TV

Now, you can watch them on Sharp Aquos TV via USB, DLNA, WLAN smoothly. Why don’t give this powerful tool a try today? 

Tips: Another Three Ways to Play MP4 Files on Sharp Aquos TV 

Apart from burning the MP4 format into DVD form there are several other ways too from which you can play MP4 on Sharp Aquos TV. 

Method #1: Play MP4 to Sharp Aquos TV via Audio-Visual (AV) Cables 

There are several cables that can be used for this purpose such as VGA, HDMI, S-Video and DVI. Your Sharp Aquos TV has got the compatible ports. Plug those in your TV and PC and play your MP4 video. 

Method #2: Play MP4 to Sharp Aquos TV Wireless 

Connect your Wi-Fi to your PC and then with the TV without the use of cables. A wireless PC to TV conversion box would be needed to do that. It will help the content from the internet to the PC. 

Method #3: Play MP4 to Sharp Aquos TV via USB 

There is always a USB port on your TV. All you have to do is to insert the USB in the right port and then play the MP4 format video on your Sharp Aquos TV. 

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