First iPhone 6 Buyer Drops His Brand New Phone On the ground

John Salley

Sep 19, 2014 07:59 am / Posted by John Salley

iPhone 6 lines have gotten absolutely nuts in the build up for tomorrow launch, but people in Australia are already heading home with the very first iPhone 6 units, but the first person to buy one in Perth almost had to go back in for another.

iPhone 6

The customer named Jack, was the first to buy the iPhone 6 at the Perth Apple store this morning but as he excitedly showed off his new purchase outside, it fell to the ground. Nearly four million eager fans in the UK placed orders for the new iPhone 6 and bigger-screen 6 plus.

Here is first iPhone 6 Buyer Drops His Brand New Phone On LIVE TV

You can’t help but laugh at this… Poor guy…

According to the local news reporter, ‘Jack’ was so excited to get his shiny new iPhone 6 out of the packaging and into his sweaty paws that it got dropped onto the sidewalk.

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