Solutions to Slow MP4 Playback on VLC and Other Players 

John Salley

Aug 29, 2016 08:25 am / Posted by John Salley

MP4 is a multimedia container format with many kinds of video and audio codecs. If your MP4 file contains a VLC unsupported audio or video codec, VLC won’t play it. If you are facing problems like tearing, stuttering, slow or choppy playback in playing high definition movies and videos, particularly the mp4 format, then this article can provide a solution to it. Check out the VLC supported Video/Audio format of the media player. Then, what to do if you want to open and play all MP4 files with VLC? Here, we offers you two options to help you solve the “MP4 cannot playback on VLC” issues. Pick the useful one.


Part I: Free Solution to Slow MP4 Playback on VLC and Other Players 

Note: The cause of this slow or choppy playback is usually slow processor speed and less memory but you can still solve it. I personally did experience the same problem when I tried to play 720p mp4 video files on my computer and found a working solution to this problem after 2 hours of searching, which I would like to share with you. 

This slow or choppy playback can be solved by changing the render type your player. Instructions for which are given below. 

1. Get the Correct Media Player 

  • If you are using VLC player to play your videos then stop using it because it takes a lot of memory resources to run. It is surely unable to play most HD mp4 videos smoothly on slow computers (those with 1Ghz processor or below).
  • VLC can play almost all media formats but it does not mean that its codecs are equally efficient at playing all of them.
  • Instead of VLC use Media Player Classic and the K-lite codec pack. MPC can also play every video format available and is better then VLC at playing Mp4 videos. You can easily download K-lite codec pack free from the internet.
  • When you download the K-lite codec pack MPC will be included within it, do not download MPC separately as it won’t include certain codecs the K-lite codec pack has.
  • If using MPC does not solve the problem proceed to step 2 to change the ‘render type’ of your player.

2. Change Render type 

  • Open Media Player Classic.
  • Go to view and then select options from the drop down menu.
  • Under the playback heading on the left hand side of the options dialogue box, click output.
  • A list of render types will be displayed next to it. Select Overlay Mixer from it. Overlay Mixer is the fastest render type as it plays videos without color conversion to RGB and thus consumes the least amount of processor resources. This will greatly improve playback performance. A drawback however is that subtitles do not work with overlay mixer.
  • Refer to the image below for help:


Changing render type in the options dialogue box. 

3. Other Options

If playback is still not smooth then you can try using Km player to play mp4 videos, it is even lighter then MPC and can be downloaded free from the internet. You need to play your video in default aspect ratio and in normal size and in the render type ‘Overlay Mixer’ otherwise it may cause further problems. 

Even if this does not work the last option is to finally spend some bucks and upgrade your hardware. Hope this solved your problem. 

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Part II: Best Simple Solution about Converting MP4 on VLC Media Player for Playback 

Well, here gives a simple solution to solve this issue. Just cast aside VLC and turn to Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate which is specially designed for solving the VLC MP4 issues like “the MP4 file maybe corrupt”, “the video codec might be wrong” and also can help you play AVCHDMKVVOB, AVI, ASF, MPEG-2, etc on VLC. (Here is review). 

Besides H.264 MP4/MKV, it also can help you to encode MP4 to H.265 MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, M3U8, etc. And you can add watermarks, effects, subtitles to you own customized videos or trim, crop them to make them more amazing than ever. Now just download it and follow the steps below to finish the conversion. For Mac users, you can turn to iMedia Converter for Mac to encode videos for further usage (including Mac OS Sierra and El Capitan). 

Why Convert MP4 Video Formats for VLC Media Player? 

- To reduce size of the videos while maintaining the quality. 
- For use of standard formats which are widely popular. 
- For use in special devices like television and video players that support certain formats only. 
- For ease of sharing with others. 
- To import in video editing software which only supports a limited number of formats. 
- For support in mobile devices like iPhone, iPod, Android devices, Windows phone and others. 

Step by Step Guide on How to Convert MP4 to VLC Support Format 

Step 1: Load MP4 Files 

Click the “Add File” button to add MP4 files which are not playable in VLC player to this VLC Converter app. Batch conversion is also supported. 


Tip: You can add multiple files to the queue and transcode them all at one time. 

Step 2: Set output format 

Click format you choose MP4/MKV from “Common Video” or “HD Video” as target format. To convert MP4 to VLC supported audio format, select VLC compatible audio from “Common Audio” Category. 


Tips: Surely in the “Settings”button, you can adjust video and audio settings, including codec, bitrates, frame rate, sample rate, and audio channel. You can adjust video size to 1920*1080. 

Step 3. Convert MP4 to VLC friendly format 

Now, simply click the big green arrow Start Conversion button to start and finish MP4 to VLC conversion with fast speed and high output quality. Then just load the converted files to VLC, just enjoy freely. 

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