How to Choose a best TS to MP4 converter?

John Salley

Jun 28, 2017 09:08 am / Posted by John Salley to Reviews

TS is a video format which is wide used in most camcorders, however compared with MP4, TS is not too popular and most devices, media player, video editing software can’t support TS video. etc. In addition, the poor compatibility can cause many unexpected troubles. So convert TS to MP4 is a wise choice, you can watch MP4 video at most media player, various popular devices, edit Mp4 video in different NLE, etc. Choosing a TS to MP4 Converter is a difficult task, you need to conside amny factors: Interface, installation, safety, etc, This Article will tell you how to choose a best TS to MP4 Converter.

How to Choose A Best TS to MP4 Converter?

Following will introduce some important factors when you are selecting a TS to MP4 Converter, you should consider, you can follow below standard to choose your desired video converter when you don’t know how to define a TS to MP4 Converter is good or not.

Easy Installation: This factor is very important, you can’t install this software quickly and easily, even though the software has various functions, can’t open it, everything means empty.

Safe and Clean: Some TS to MP4 Converter is easy to install, open it, you find the interface is so complicated, you don’t know how to use it to convert video. In addition, some softwares like to pop up all kind of Ads.

Video Formats: Since you have chosen a TS to MP4 Converter, sometimes, you also need to convert other video to MP4, or MP4 to other video, a powerful software should provide multiple input and output video formats.

Video Quality: Video quality is fatal, even you can convert TS to MP4 smoothly, after you get the MP4 video and play on PC or TV, you may find the frames is fuzzy, some even are unwatchable.

Best TS to MP4 Converter is Ready for You

Which can be your best TS to MP4 Converter? Are you struggled to search online? Here, you can get the best answer: Pavtube Video Converter, powerful and professional, this software can satisfy all above requirements, you can download the trial version which is free, no any money, you can get a free and best TS to MP4 Converter. Installation is as easy as drinking, just 2 minutes, you can finish it quickly. Open it , user-friendly interface won’t let you down. In addition, 250+ video formats are listed here. By the way, this software also can works on Mac well.

free mts video converter mts to ppt converter

Charm Main Interface: After the installation, open this video converter by double click, you can find the interface is easy, just some buttons and right and left window, no any complicated and professional words you can’t understand.

  • Format which is used to import video, you even can load the DVD and Blu-ray disc to this software.
  • Edit: No doubt, you can edit your video and create your own special video, you can trim or cut video clips, crop video file size, add video/image/transparent watermark, add external srt/ass/ssa subtitles to video, etc.
  • Tools: Open Tools, you can choose software language, skin, even you can choose Option and set the GPU decode and encode acceleration, this software can support GPU acceleration.
  • Help: You can choose Help and enter the official FAQ website and find some confusions you are thinking, or you can choose Bug Report to send your problems to service.

best ts to mp4 converter

Powerful Video Conversion Ability: From the input video, output video formats, video conversion speed, video conversion quality, you will love this best TS to MP4 converter in deep.

  • Various input and output options: The best TS to MP4 Converter software has enhanced compatibilty with various different file formats including those most commonly used formats such as AVI, FLV, WMV, MOV, MP4 and MKV and even those uncommon file formats such as AVCHD, XAVC/XAVC S, Prores, etc.
  • Fast Video Conversion Speed: Nobody likes to wait for something, waiting is endless and boring. Here, you don’t worry about this problem completely. You can get your desired video formats woth fast speed. Best of all, if you choose vidoe with H.264, H.265 codec, congurations to you, this software can support the the GPu acceleration, you cna experience the 30x faster than other common TS to MP4 Converter.
  • High Video Quality: So fast speed, how about the output video quality? The quality is as perfect as speed, you can get different MP4, such as: SD MP4, HD MP4, 4K MP4, even 3D MP4 in this software, so nice.

ts to mp4 video conversion

Video Setting and Editing Features: Video conversion is the basic and important function, an outstanding TS to MP4 Converter always bring you more suprises, for example: Advanced video setting and esiting.

  • Video Parameters Setting: To people who is familiar with various video parameters, they like to adjust all the MP4 video parameters for better. This software can satisfy your need, you can adjust the video codec, change the vidoe resolution, vidoe frame, etc. Also you can adjust the audio replated parameters, like: Audio codec, audio sample rate, audio channels, etc.
  • Customization tools: Most video fans like to share video on YOutube, Facebook, want to attract more viewer? Editing your video can help you, you can can trim, crop, merge, add watermark, apply special rendering effects or adjust output video/audio profile parameters. So that you can get exactly what you want from a video conversion.

video setting and editing

Quick Guide: Convert TS to MP4 in 3 clicks

Step 1: Load TS video by clicking File > Add Video/Audio to this software, you also can import folder with multiple TS video files.

Step 2: Click Format and choose your desired MP4 video from Common Video, HD Video, 3D Video, you also can choose the devices, like: iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, etc.

Step 3: Preee Convert buton to start TS to MP4 Video conversion, just enjoy the best TS to MP4 Converter.

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Tip: More Knowledge about MP4

  • Variable bit rate audio: Yes
  • Variable frame rate: Yes
  • Video coding formats: MPEG-2 Part 2, MPEG-4 ASP, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, H.263, VC-1, Dirac, others
  • Audio coding formats: MPEG-2/4 (HE)-AAC, MPEG-1/2 layer I, II, III(mp3), Apple Lossless, ALS, SLS, Vorbis, others
  • 3D Codec: Yes