How to Play 4K Video on Apple TV 4K ?

John Salley

Aug 25, 2017 09:39 am / Posted by John Salley to 4k, TV

Good news: Apple TV 4K will release, Apple TV 4K release dates are a little difficult to predict, from the reliable information, in September 22 / 23, 2017, you may enjoy the new Apple TV (5th gen), for Apple TV fans, it’s really a big benefit. Let’s review the new feature about the Apple TV 4K: Apple TV 4K can support the 4K video and High Dynamic Range (HDR) content, which would provide visuals with a wider colour gamut and greater dynamic range (lights and darks), also Apple TV 4K improves the Siri functionality.

You can put money on September, the Apple TV price is among £149 – £199, it’s reasonable. Are you ready for Apple TV 4K? Want to try to play 4K video on Apple 4K TV? From the common sense, we know that Apple TV 4K can suport the 4K MP4 video well which is wide used by most 4K TV and 4K media player, here, you can prepare for the 4K videos well and wait for the new Apple TV coming. This post will tell you how to create your 4K video library.

Building 4K Library for Your Apple TV 4K

Before the Apple TV 4K, what should you do? You can do some meaningful thing: Prepare the 4K movies for Apple TV 4K. We all know that 4K streaming demands at least 20Mbps speeds, it’s really bigger, why not take full use of your video collection with a 4K video converter which can provide lots of 4K videos effortlessly. You don’t need to worry about the 4K video streaming speed and play any 4K videos on Apple TV 4K at will.

From the most user’ feedback and comment, Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate which stands out from countless 4K video converter software, it’s easy to use, even you are a video converter beginner, you can master this software quickly. You can input multiple video files you have collected or want to get 4K video effect for Apple TV 4K, this software can support various video formats, such as: AVI, MOV, WMV, MOV, MKV, etc. This 4K video converter can provide you different 4K video formats, like: H.265 4K MP4, H.265 4K MKV, H.264 4K MP4. Then you can realize your 4 dream on 4K Apple TV.

Best of all, you can adjust the 4K video parameters for Apple TV 4K, including video and audio codec, video frame, video bitrate, for better hearing enjoyment, you can adjust the audio channels. If you have tried other 4K video converter, you may be unsatisfied with the 4K video conversion speed, this software will provide you the lighting speed which takes full use of the NVIDIA CUDA & AMD technologies, you can get 30x faster speed than other 4K video converter.

Step By Step: Converting 4K Video To 4K Apple TV

Step 1. Add video or videos

You can try the Trial version, which can be the best free 4K video converter, then run the program, click "File" menu, from its drop-down option, select "Add Video/Audio" to load video, you also can add a folder which holds multiple video files for doing batch video conversion. This software has the high stability, you don’t worry about the software interruption issue.

open 4k video converter

Step 2. Choose output 4K video format

Click Format button and open the output video format list, you can get the 4K video format by 3 ways, like these:

  • Choose the Common video > H.264 High Profile video (.*mp4)
  • Choose HD video > H.265 HD video (.*mp4)
  • Choose HD video > H.264 HD video (.*mov)

Output Xbox One S and Plex supported 4K formats

Then you need to enter the setting menu and adjust the video resolution to 4K video resolution, like: 3840p. Of course, you also can adjust other video and audio parameters, like: video and audio codec, video frame, video bitrate, etc. In addition, you also can compress 4K video to HD video by reducing the video resolution.

Tip: You can adjust the 4K video codec to H.264 or H.265, then you can experience the high 4K video running speed.

output supported audio codec

Step 3. Start 4K video conversion

After all the settings are finished, you need to go back to the main interface and click Convert button to begin the video conversion quickly.

Know More About the 4K and HDR Video

4K Video: 4K means higher resolution, you see more detail, with crisper images. We call it 4K because it’s 3840 pixels wide compared to 1080p which is only 1920 pixels wide. The pixel resolutions of each in full are are 3840 by 2160 for 4K, and 1080 by 1920 for 1080p. At the same time, you need a 4K monitor or TV to see the difference between 4K video and HD video.

4k vs hd

HDR Video: HDR means high-dynamic-range, so brighter colours, more contrast, and more detail in dark scenes. It lets you see detailed objects in the dark instead of just murky outlines at the same time as having pitch black and bright light sources in the same frame. While you’ll only be able to see gaming and video HDR moving on an HDR compatible TV.

hdr video