Apple iOS 8 Exhibits Higher Levels Of Instability With 78% Higher Crash Rate Than iOS 7

John Salley

Sep 24, 2014 08:11 am / Posted by John Salley

Apple released iOS 8 to users very recently, and the adoption rate has been effective, so far. However, the iOS 8 installation has turned out to be quite a headache for many Apple device users. This includes both iPhones and iPads. Based on the report from Crittercism, a performance management company, Apple’s latest software iOS 8’s crash rate is 78% higher than the earlier version iOS 7, ZDNet reports.

iPhone iOS 8 installation

Furthermore, the crash rate (instability) is higher in older versions of Apple devices when compared to the recent releases. The latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus clocked a crash rate of 2.63 percent and 2.11 percent, respectively, whereas the iPhone 4s, the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5s handsets’ average crash rate stand at 3.57 percent. Generically, iOS 8’s average crash rate based on all the Apple devices is 3.56 percent; however, iOS 7’s rate is relatively better at 2 percent, says ZDNet.

The unprecedented crashes are predominantly because of the bugs pertaining to iOS 8 and third-party app integration. As a matter of fact, higher app crashes are quite prevalent in the initial stages, when upgrading to any new OS version. Also, the consequent software updates from Apple should stabilise performance issues. Nevertheless, it’s possible too that older handsets are running old apps that either haven’t been updated, either because the user hasn’t applied the update or because the app has been abandoned by the developer and won’t see any further updates, ultimately resulting in crashes.

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